Good support builds on a budget?

Good support builds on a budget?

Postby nmates » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:23 pm

Yes, I know that loadouts came many months ago. My "support" alts (GF, DC, OP) have more DPS-y oriented builds. Anyone have good links for support (buffing) builds for alts? My support toons are decently geared (9-10K), and I'm not interested in spending $$$ (or AD) to boost them.
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Re: Good support builds on a budget?

Postby Ziek88 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:56 am

I can help with the GF. Run Swordmaster Tactician. If you throw everything you can into defense at 9-10k 95% DR is achievable.

Primary abilities are Into the Fray, Knight's Valor, Enforced Threat and Commander's Strike. Enforced threat for mobs, Commander's Strike for bosses. Use Fighter's Recovery as the daily since it casts extremely fast and makes self sustaining pretty easy. You want the fast case so that you can proc your main class feature, Steel Defense. You will probably need Enhanced Mark as your other class feature. Tide of Iron as an At-Will is great for keeping your stamina up.

In the feats I like 10 points in Protector and the rest in Tactician. The most important feat in Tactician is Inspiring Leader. You may find the 5 points in Crushing pin are no value to you so those could be moved elsewhere. Unshakable Line in Protector may be a good spot for them.

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Re: Good support builds on a budget?

Postby Phelaia » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:18 am

This is what I run on my Tank-OP

My 12.3k OP has the cheapest purple companions and purple mounts straight from the AH. I do not have every boon on him, but I do have the first 2 boons of every campaign except for STK. I don't have a Wheel of Elements, but I use the full Seldarin set, which has saved my hide many many times. I have the DC artifact at orange as the main artifact, while the rest of my artifacts are purple. All of my artifact gear is purple, and I'm using the Teak set for weapons (these are purple too). I'm also using a Transcendent Plaguefire in the sword.

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