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NORnews February 7th 2018 issue #056
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*Dasseo, FrostDreams, Molra


Happy Valentine’s to everyone. Now that’s done. OMG Kamasylvia is great! There has been a lot happening in BDO for NOR. Mystic race to 58 to play in Kamasylvia (Ok so any race to 58 to play there) we have started a grind group playing in Kamasylvia and it’s been fun. Kamasylvia is made to be played as a group though there is 3 parts of it that you can solo play. IF you haven’t come to join us yet please all is welcome we are happy to help you to enjoy the game as much as we do!

I’d like to give a shout out to our 2 new recruits Carthius and Zenblades we are happy to have you join our NOR BDO family.

Congrats to Zenblades he got to 58 on Saturday with me pushing him hard with we are going to Kamasylvia you gotta join us. He made it so thank you for not yelling back at me for the push  Not to forget that Corval has also hit 58 so congrats! It’s really not that easy to level after 56 but we are determined not to give up and keep the grind going!

Countess FrostDreams

Hail *NOR/!

The Dungeons & Dragons Online branch of the New OutRiders has been enjoying the Midwinter Festival in Stormreach. With icy jumps and races, our guildies have been participating, gaining recipes and motes to turn in for special items, potions, and gear enhancements. You can view our very own *NOR/bie's winning DDO Screenshot of the Week submission celebrating the Midwinter Festival at screenshot-week-352!

Lord Yavool Ramnoth



Raven has blessed us with a new year and with a new year comes both big and small changes. Wintersday has come and gone with many orphans throughout Divinity’s Reach enjoying their new toys and just around the corner, we’ll be celebrating the Canthanese New Year. This is the Year of the Dog. We can’t wait to see what cool items and events that will come to help us celebrate this holiday.

In addition to New Years, Snow Leopard has informed us of major balance changes that will be coming this Tuesday. And at some point in the future, WvW will be undergoing a complete overhaul strengthening the role guilds have Many of us are really looking forward to the potential this will bring.

Bear has given us its strength earlier this year and allowed our raiding group to take down both the Bandit Trio and Slothasor . If you’re interested in showing Bear your strength, join us in #aerodrome or speak with Duke Valikk.

Wolf has also blessed us with new recruits in Aloisia, Saki, Lirys, and Zerlissa. I had the pleasure of welcoming our next Squires in Moose, Uen, and Wolfpride. Along with new Squires, Beesus and Nik were promoted to Squire Honors.

Join us in Guild Wars 2 on the forums and in Discord and enjoy our #gallery where we play Fashion Wars, #announcements for big news coming to Tyria, #guildhall for all matters related to our defense of Tyria, and #spoilers for spoiler filled lore speculation. May the spirits watch over you in your adventures.

Baron Sofija



This month we saw the announcement of the next mod in Neverwinter, "Lost City of Omu." With it comes the continuation of the story in Chult, a new dungeon, tons of new gear, and of course, even bigger dinosaurs with more teeth! Watch the trailer here:

Our little castle is also improving and humming along at a steady pace thanks to the consistent effort of all of our members.

Also about a week ago, a few of us braved Fangbreaker Island again like a bunch of roombas, and by teamwork, decent gear, and a pinch of luck, we actually beat the first boss! Our misadventure is detailed here:

Next month, we shall have more report from the dense jungle of Chult.

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline

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