EverQuest 2
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434 recorded players in EverQuest 2 wore the New Outriders jacket.
Active Members in current NOR realms:
  Lord Emeritus AbinSur is Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  Squire Aper is Currently Playing: EverQuest 2
  Duke Arttoheed is Currently Playing: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  Squire Berdar is Currently Playing: EverQuest 2
  Knight Fayriella is Currently Playing: EverQuest 2
  Duke Gustin is Currently Playing: Black Desert Online
  Baron Jaosonpal is Currently Playing: EverQuest 2
  Count Koram is Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  Countess Lakasha is Currently Playing: Camelot Unchained
  Count Malkion is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
  Baron Mezzevil is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
  Champion Nayrac is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
  Baron Ojike is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Duke Quielin is Currently Playing: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  Duke Rallis is Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  Count Riveni is Currently Playing: Lord of the Rings Online
  Lord Ryland is Currently Playing: Black Desert Online
  Duchess Seyella is Currently Playing: Guild Wars 2
  Squire Skrillex is Currently Playing: Black Desert Online
  Duke Talolan is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Baroness Tegen is Currently Playing: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  Lord Tundrra is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
  Baron Vashile is Currently Playing: Camelot Unchained
  Lord Yavool is Currently Playing: Dungeons & Dragons Online
  Squire Honor Zelldeb is Currently Playing: TableTop
Members not currently active:
  Squire Aaethan
  Squire Aalo
  Squire Aaoogaa
  Squire Aazure
  Baron Acyd
  Squire Adella
  Squire Adiuc
  Count Adlak
  Squire Aernoch
  Squire Ailill
  Squire Airyk
  Squire Akaran
  Squire Akaschi
  Squire Akiraa
  Squire Alavar
  Squire Alcyone
  Squire Aleroth
  Countess Alexiel
  Duke Allestair
  Baroness Alouris
  Squire Alzia
  Squire Amiwo
  Squire Amliah
  Knight Anamnesis
  Squire Angil
  Squire Antimodes
  Squire Anukris
  Squire Araeliir
  Squire Archimedies
  Squire Arenkar
  Squire Arien
  Squire Ariss
  Knight Asilinn
  Baron Astria
  Squire Aurella
  Squire Azzira
  Squire Baddare
  Squire Bahz
  Baron Bandrrrra
  Squire Beekeeperia
  Baroness Betony
  Squire Bhanshee
  Squire Bigbern
  Squire Bigivag
  Baron Bilab
  Squire Bloodyrage
  Squire Bodar
  Baron Bohlareon
  Squire Brandy
  Squire Brecia
  Count Bristle
  Squire Buffex
  Squire Buffguy
  Squire Bulk
  Baron BurleyDawg
  Squire Cadd
  Squire Cainibel
  baron Callais
  Squire Catherine
  Squire Catin
  Squire Catscratch
  Squire Cetixy
  Squire Chamaeleo
  Squire Chaquita
  Squire Cindy
  Baron Cissa
  Squire Clou
  Squire Cmplayer
  Baron Cometar
  Squire Comicise
  Baron Conary
  Squire Confusicus
  Knight Corkey
  Squire Corra
  Squire Corvane
  Baron Cremebrulie
  Squire Cristian
  Knight Cymin
  Squire Dainar
  Lord Emeritus Dalgrin
  Duke DarkJustice
  Squire Dave
  Squire Davlyn
  Squire Daximuss
  Squire Daxra
  Squire Dazioc
  Squire Dduke
  Squire Deadmun
  Knight Dekum
  Squire Denzell
  Squire Derelict
  Squire Dermalube
  Squire Dhirk
  Squire Diana
  Knight Djarum
  Squire Dochta
  Squire Dorily
  Squire Dormant
  Count Dorthonion
  Squire Dragano
  Squire Drakren
  Squire Drog
  Knight Drucia
  Squire Duka
  Squire Dunkanz
  Squire Dunncredible
  Squire Durnhand
  Baron Eapai
  Knight Eddore
  Baroness Eirienka
  Squire Ejja
  Squire Eldrac
  Knight Ellah
  Squire Elmora
  Countess Elva
  Baroness Emea
  Squire Emelia
  Squire Emortal
  Squire Emortal2
  Squire Enip
  Squire Eponine
  Count Excedium
  Squire Exyle
  Squire Eziabia
  Lord Emeritus Fandrall
  Squire Farys
  Countess Firetress
  Squire Fisso
  Squire Frostbeard
  Champion Fulgrimm
  Squire Ganamyen
  Squire Garciarocks
  Knight Geothe
  Squire Gharak
  Squire Ghash
  Squire Glaxious
  Squire Gotti
  Squire Grabby
  Squire Grera
  Squire Greymyst
  Squire Grimstone
  Squire Grinn
  Squire Guldor
  Baroness Gwendohlyn
  Squire Haggian
  Squire Hakanese
  Squire Hast
  Squire Haun
  Squire Haunted
  Squire Healinghope
  Squire Heppbourne
  Knight Hosagi
  Squire Huzyer
  Squire Icestorm
  Squire Idis
  Grandee Idur
  Squire Inde
  Knight Iommi
  Champion Istar
  Squire Itiradle
  Squire Jaaco
  Squire Jaffar
  Squire Jaggermeister
  Squire Jaguan
  Baron Jakalair
  Knight Jalek
  Squire Jiblon
  Squire Jibun
  Squire Jourhney
  Knight Juggernautt
  Squire Jynxd
  Knight Kajara
  Countess Kalah
  Squire Kanuka
  Squire kartok
  Squire Kattie
  Baroness Kattria
  Squire Kaylynn
  Squire Kelreise
  Baron Kenafen
  Duchess Kennae
  Squire Kensai
  Squire Khyber
  Squire Kickie
  Squire Kiikii
  Squire Kimba
  Squire Kimtas
  Squire Kindasorta
  Baroness Kisabir
  Squire Kiyone
  Squire Koeie
  Squire Kototurtlew
  Squire Krisagi
  Squire Krusibel
  Squire Kryotox
  Squire Kurdt
  Squire Kwag
  Squire Kyan
  Countess Kyrika
  Squire Laedyana
  Countess Lamissa
  Knight Larrick
  Lord Emeritus Lasarian
  Squire Laurala
  Squire Lavynder
  Knight Lenus
  Duke Lethos
  Baron Liceto
  Squire Linua
  Squire Lioness
  Squire Lizy
  Squire Loleeta
  Squire Looshkin
  Baron Lorindar
  Squire Lorzan
  Squire Losaria
  Count Lotharian
  Squire Loufia
  Squire Luzzu
  Squire Lyrics
  Squire Maelen
  Squire Mallenroh
  Squire Mandikin
  Squire Mareth
  Squire Marlae
  Squire Mathizarr
  Squire Mayen
  Squire Mazabel
  Knight Mazy
  Squire Mejin
  Baroness Melelani
  Baron Mellora
  Baron Mendarie
  Squire Merewen
  Squire Merin
  Squire Miika
  Knight Millz
  Squire Minios
  Knight Mistapz
  Squire Mistere
  Squire Mman
  Squire Morisia
  Squire Mortes
  Knight Muny
  Squire Muris
  Squire Myrkeni
  Squire Myztrykea
  Squire Naen
  Knight Nagip
  Squire Narcissia
  Squire Nautee
  Squire Neketea
  Squire Neuma
  Knight Niallor
  Squire Niccalo
  Squire Nicsword
  Squire Nimif
  Squire Numur
  Squire Nynx
  Squire Nyrune
  Squire Ohmsford
  Squire Oiwok
  Squire Okasha
  Squire Oloco
  Knight Orclease
  Squire Othgar
  Squire Paddfoot
  Squire Pande
  Squire patgrandma
  Squire Pawtrax
  Squire Paxxo
  Squire Phero
  Knight Pinky
  Squire Pipyr
  Squire Piskel
  Baron Poxi
  Squire Primo
  Squire Prior
  Squire Pstlone
  Squire Psybersmasha
  Squire Radael
  Lady Emeritus Raeana
  Baron Railien
  Squire Rakoun
  Squire Ralev
  Baron Ravyn
  Squire Razac
  Squire Rekken
  Champion Rene
  Squire Rexurd
  Squire Rhadamenth
  Squire Rheasla
  Squire Rhenna
  Squire Riha
  Squire Rosalyne
  Lady Emeritus Roxanne
  Squire Ruunik
  Squire Rythar
  Baron Ryverwynd
  Squire Sacubu
  Knight Saknussem
  Knight Sandi
  Squire Scale
  Squire Seadata
  Baroness Searingwind
  Squire Serafina
  Squire Serevok
  Squire Shadeth
  Squire Shandriel
  Knight Shayton
  Squire Shoaling
  Squire Shruikon
  Squire Siffala
  Knight Silenteye
  Squire Silvelia
  Squire Singra
  Squire Sjania
  Squire Skizi
  Duke Skorj
  Squire Skullitka
  Squire Skyelarke
  Knight Slithak
  Squire Snazzle
  Baron Sneakkie
  Squire Snickerss
  Duke Sokolov
  Knight Sorien
  Squire Spearly
  Squire Spicy
  Squire Spud
  Squire Squidster
  Squire Starlet
  Squire Stonedraco
  Squire Suvaris
  Baron Synergy
  Baron Taerion
  Squire Tahhu
  Knight Taliso
  Squire Tanarfin
  Baron Tbiggums
  Squire Telkriz
  Squire Temm
  Squire Templeton
  Squire Tennenmir
  Squire Termitidae
  Squire Thai
  Squire Thendil
  Squire Thieva
  Squire Thundarr
  Squire Thunderkat
  Count Thyramon
  Squire Tixy
  Knight Trei
  Squire Trid
  Squire Tropik
  Knight Tsukuwa
  Squire Tulerezzer
  Baron Tumna
  Duchess Twiggie
  Knight Tygir
  Squire Unruhe
  Baroness Uulana
  Squire Uzele
  Squire Valkerine
  Squire Vedican
  Squire Velociti
  Baron Vems
  Squire Vericon
  Squire Veta
  Squire Voltair
  Baron Wartide
  Squire Whiteclouds
  Baron Wrecker
  Squire Xaerron
  Squire Xexios
  Squire Xiaoshu
  Squire Xinyar
  Squire Xita
  Squire Zanzar
  Squire Zanzer
  Baron Zarnafein
  Squire Zelkor
  Knight Zeratul
  Squire Zidion
  Squire Zolie
  Squire Zweckmoor
  Squire Zykor
  Squire Zzard
  Squire Zziek