Runes of Magic
2009 - 2011


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63 recorded players in Runes of Magic wore the New Outriders jacket.
Active Members in current NOR realms:
  Lord Emeritus AbinSur is Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  Lord Emeritus Imaultis is Currently Playing: ArcheAge
  Count Kermit is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Lady Emeritus Llira is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
  Count Malkion is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
  Duchess Seyella is Currently Playing: Guild Wars 2
Members not currently active:
  Squire Alio
  Squire Alyrue
  Squire Ameshan
  Squire Anrym
  Squire Aonda
  Lord Emeritus Ayeone
  Squire Azshure
  Squire Banddit
  Lord Emeritus Bard
  Squire BobDog
  Squire BreyTin
  Count Bristle
  Knight CannedHamster
  Squire Catriana
  Duchess Cnedran
  Squire Honor Crestyna
  Squire Crusade
  Knight Deathcaller
  Baroness Eirienka
  Squire Elixir
  Squire Eridani
  Squire Fionuir
  Squire Honor Gallica
  Squire Honor GreenRain
  Baroness Gwendohlyn
  Lady Emeritus Gwenivieve
  Baron Hellios
  Squire Holeymoley
  Knight Kagin
  Baron Kenafen
  Duchess Kennae
  Squire Khonor
  Squire Koeie
  Count Kordolmer
  Squire Krisagi
  Knight Laggy
  Squire Lotusia
  Knight Millian
  Duke Minster
  Squire Nagsis
  Squire Neuma
  Squire Honor Rainbow
  Squire Rider
  Squire SeaBreeze
  Squire SetsunaKuraza
  Duke Sokolov
  Knight Steelmane
  Squire SunBurn
  Squire Tainara
  Knight Taliso
  Baron Tempest
  Squire Honor TheSoothSayer
  Count Trebble
  Squire TrentonFire
  Knight Weezz
  Squire Werner
  Baron Zeltahni