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Ribbon: ARC Ribbon.png
Server: Tahyang
Server Type: RP-PvP (Lvl 30-55)
Alignment: N/A
Dates Occupied: September 13th 2014 - Present
Previous Servers: N/A
Realm Leader: Imaultis
Branch Leader: Beardy


Realm Leader

Duke & Branch Leader



Non-COC Officers
Duke Jara
Duchess Seyella
Count Riveni
Baron Exedore
Baron Rohnan
Baron Scripture


The best way to find us is to open your social window (default SHIFT-V) and add any officer to the friend list. When you see one of us online, right click our name and send us a tell. i.e /Whisper {officer} "Hail*NOR/ this is xxxxxx, Can I get a guild invite?"

Branch History

Archeage did not have enormous hype leading up to the game. Many didn't know of its existence until after release. During the pre-release phase, there were only 5 members in the guild. Through the perseverance of Imaultis and Jara, the guild slowly began to grow.

Archeage became a full Duchy December 2014

The Archeage Duchy officially topped 100 active members, late march 2015, making it the most active Duchy of NOR.

NORnews Oct 2015 issue 34


Archeage has exploded with content since our last newsletter. We've had two new expansions, bringing new content including advanced player housing, Faction Heroes, the mighty Leviathan, guild daily quests, and Guild wars. However, these changes came with a small downside.

The guild cap is now only 100. Because of this change, all guilds were essentially disbanded. If you are a member from another branch, and have not been in game since this change, you will find next time you log in, that you are untagged now. If you plan on returning, let us know on the forums and we can work something out. With the release of our newest expansion, 2.0, the whole guild really started to work together to complete the guild daily quests and to further advance ourselves. We've also started doing a weekly "Sunday fun day" where we all get together and do something silly. For example, last week we had a race in Swan boats, and whoever won, received several trade packs.

We've also had some internal changes in our guild, Beardyy has been selected as acting branch lead, due to Jara stepping away from the game. Baroness Beann is an acting countess. Mcfitty and Pew are our newest Barons, with Vaddix being promoted to the champion rank. Congrats all!

We've had a few new recruits, but haven't actively been recruiting due to the new 100 member cap. All in all we're having a lot of fun and spreading the joys of NOR! Till next time!


  • NOR/BA

NORnews April 2015 issue 29


We have had a huge recruiting drive and the annexation of the guild Conviction swelling our numbers to over 115. Many Thanks to CT Epione and CT Jara for their efforts in this.

We have had some guild-wide events, some were participated in by many on the server, to include Epione's Trade run across the sea see screen shots here. viewtopic (The little flags are on top of trade bundles worth hefty gold and/or resources) This was a resounding success and a similar event is planned for 17 Apr. (I'll give you an update hopefully that night before the 18th.

We have had several newly appointed and promoted Officers: Epione was promoted to Count, Beardyy and Exedore were promoted to Baron.

Beardy has taken on the role of Scribe and is posting our Guild meeting minutes on the web site. Epione has taken on the role of both event planner and recruit

We were able to clear the 5th room in Serpentis, 11 Apr 2015, a guild first. We were unable to attempt the last room due to timing.

Upcoming Game news: We're looking forward to a new armor, housing and dungeon patch within the next month. Things should get more exciting:)


  • NOR/DK-Branch Leader ArcheAge

NORnews Jan 2015 issue 27


Jara was promoted to Count. New Officer Gumbybaca

We have the design purchased (Courtesy of Jara) for the Guild Mansion. We are in the process of acquiring 2 more pieces of land in order to begin building.

The top 5 man dungeon (Greater Howling Abyss - GHA) is now on farm status and we will be farming it daily for anyone that needs to acquire gear.

Branch Calendar Events: GHA Daily ~9pm EST Branch meetings - every other Monday at 8pm EST

Duke Imaultis

  • NOR/DK-ArcheAge

NORnews 09/21/2014 issue 24


So some of you may have never heard of ArcheAge. Here are some high points to the game; but in a nutshell this game to me is like a modern Ultima Online (Without being set in Britainia).

ArcheAge seems to have taken the best from the game giants of the past, and made them better.

- The Class System: Like RIFT and old school SWG, you get to mix and match skill trees to create the character you want to play. You can have a Healer with Stealth or an Archer that also throws Curses. You pick one skill tree at creation and pick a second at level 5 and a third at level 10. You can experiment with that here.

- Massive PvP battles: Defend your factions territory, invade the other, or combat the Pirate community. Epic land combat like DAOC and much better than Warhammer Online. Massive Sea battles against Pirates, enemy ships or the Krakken. Some say the ship battles are better than those in Assasins Creed.

- Sentenced to time in prison: A fantastic criminal justice system. Like UO you gain bad Karma for stealing from people or killing players from your own faction. If you are caught, you will go on trial. If the players on the jury convict you, you will be sentenced to x minutes in jail. But, you can find a lost key and escape early. (Don't forget to crush crates in the prison to collect your fancy set of stripped pajamas).

- If you Build it...: Build your own house or your own ship. Or band together and build a Guild Castle on the PvP Island. House crafting better than Horizons (Personally felt the housing in horizons was its only shining jewel...LOL)

- The Economy: You can craft goods and trade them. Certain areas are better for creating specific goods. Often, the farther away from where you made the item you travel to sell it, the better price you will get. This brings into play trade routes both on land and on the sea. Of course with trade routes, this brings bandits, pirates, and mercenaries for hire to protect your shipments.

- Design a Crest: The Guild crest can be uploaded so that it will be displayed on items such as ship sails and flags (256x256 PNG format). You can also create your own crest if you desire.

- Traveling is easy: Mounts as low as level 7, Gliders shortly thereafter (Unless you are a founder in which cast you get it at level 1), a Portal book allowing transport to most towns you've visited, and a home point recall.

- Overachievers: If you do more work than the quest calls for, you "Overachieve" the quest and gain more exp when you turn it in. (You can underachieve too, but this makes it harder to level). So if you have to kill 10 spiders, feel free to kill 10 on the way out and 5-10 on the way back into the town. It's Free to Play or you can subscribe. And much more...

So come on out next Tuesday or grab a Founders pack and start Friday. We look forward to seeing you in game:)

(see more here)


  • NOR/DK-Provisional Branch Leader ArcheAge


24 Sep 2014 Construction is complete on the first NOR Farm house.

19 Sep 2014 NOR launches its second clipper ship and uses it to assist in destroying an enemy vessel.

15 Sep 2014 NOR launches it's first ship with Baron Jara at the Helm.
First NOR Ship.jpg

13 Sep 2014 Provisional Barony established

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