Black Desert Online

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Black Desert Online
Ribbon: BDo.png
Server: Orwen
Server Type: PvP/PvE
Alignment: N/A
Dates Occupied: March 6th 2016 - Present
Previous Servers: N/A
Realm Leader: Lord Ryland
Branch Leader: Baron Malkion


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Channel: We are currently playing on Velia2

Add the Officers to your friends list and PM us in game.

Out of Game

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Apr 2017 issue 48

Black Desert Online has hosted our first G.L.U.E. Event. Our scavenger hunt was a fun success and we hope to do more in the future

The winner for the below 50 level was Sofijia! Congrats!

The winner for the 50+ level was Ryland! Congrats!

We are looking for new events in the future and hope others can join our fun!

Thank you,

Countess Kinaria (SanSing)


Mar 2017 issue 47

Greetings from the world of Black Desert Online! We have had many changes in the past couple of moons. We have welcomed our Dark Knight brethren to our world and await the gods will, in opening our world so we may journey into the deeper regions of this world with the Kamasilve expansion coming soon *crosses fingers*.

We will be having our first major guild event which will happen in April. A scavenger hunt across the Black Desert world from Valencia to Calpheon and all points in between. We will be finding those things hidden or stolen by the beasts that roam the lands. Come join us in our adventure, whether you but a babe in the woods at level one or a mighty hunter at level 60 all may partake in the frivolity. Come join us in our adventures and have fun!

If you would like more details, please let one of us know!

Thank you,

Countess Kinaria (SanSing)



Dec 2016 issue 44

The worlds have mysteriously merged and we have welcomed several members who were temporarily lost on distant worlds.

We continue to gain our awakened weapons as the game gods distribute them. Currently two classes await their turn and will gain this ability on Wednesday. We look forward to having everyone enjoy their new abilities.

As a guild we have taken our first steps to really investigating the lands of Valencia, to find the evil and end their ability to do harm. Death is inevitable but we will persevere!

We continue to work on recruiting like minded members to our guild where they can truly enjoy the game and all of the content available.

Thank you,

Countess Kinaria (SanSing)


Oct 2016 issue 43
The Black Desert Online branch welcomes Baron Arvoriel as our newest Officer. We know he will do a great job in helping lead the branch in new content and welcome new recruits to the roster.

We continue to run our daily and weekly events and guild missions along with our weekly take down of a guild boss mob. We are continuing to work toward our goal of participating in Guild Node Wars.

We have started attaining our awakened weapons as they become available. So far three members have achieved their Awakened Weapons. We look forward to the release of yet more awakened weapons. We are working to get each of our members to the required level needed for these weapons.

We will continue to work on recruiting like minded members to our guild where they can truly enjoy the game and all of the content available.

Thank you,

Countess Kinaria


Aug 2016 issue 42

BDO continues to grow as a game with the release of their new FREE expansion “Valencia”. With this expansion character levels increased to 60, Deep Sea Whale Hunting was introduced as well as many, many more feature upgrades and enhancements like the 2 new classes of Ninjas!

The branch was officially promoted to County status and we have promoted two outstanding members, Kinaria and Frost Dreams to Baroness. Under their guidance we continue to do nightly guild events and weekly major events (fighting end game bosses and guild bosses!)

We hope to grow the ranks some more in the coming weeks and start participating in guild v guild wars and castle sieges!

Count Malkion of Serendia


NORnews May 2016 issue 40

This month we have seen great effort in recruiting pay off with fantastic NOR recruits. We now stand at 13 active members and are still growing. We were privileged to welcome our first squiring and welcome NORFrostDreams to the BDO and New Outrider family. We look forward to adding plenty more new squires in the next few weeks!

As everyone is busy leveling up their combat and trade skills we hope to start guild events in the near future. The game has some major releases with the addition of a free expansion and 2 new character classes the Maehwa and the Musa (Samurai types) and we are told to expect a second major FREE expansion in June/July that will add more lands and 2 more classes (the NINJAS!).

Baron Malkion


NORnews April 2016 issue 39

Since the game released there have been 2 free major updates including increasing the level cap, new lands (Mediah) and now 2 new classes (Male and Female Samurai, Musa and Maewha respectively) Mediah Expansion Pack

We have begun recruiting and have 2 new recruits FrostDreams and Kezabella.

Baron Malkion


  • 2016/03/20 Lord Ryland becomes Realm Leader for Black Desert Online
NORnews March 2016 issue 38

Branch News:

The plan for the Barony (for now) is to tag current *NOR members only. Once we have the guild roster squared away with whomever is going to stay and "visit" we can set up recruiting and other officer positions and duties. Don't let it stop you inviting someone though if they are a high quality recruit. I just don't think we should just start spamming for recruits before we get our organization squared away.

Hopefully we can get the officer ranks squared away within the next week and get to really expanding the guild and start claiming territory/nodes when that becomes available. If you have started playing BDO and need a guild tag please post the name of your character or family name so it is easier for Malkion to find you. The best option is to jump into TS3 so we can verbally communicate. I will try to add your family (if I don't see you in TS ) to my friends list. Malkion, Rylan, Zeik88, Beardy, Imaultis and Campentine have been tagged so far

Branch Calendar Events:

Would like to have our first Branch Meeting Saturday 3/19/16 There are also 3 or more Free 7 Day passes if anyone wants to try out the game!

Baron Malkion


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