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Ribbon: ESO.png
Server: N/A
Server Type: N/A
Alignment: Daggerfall Covenant
Dates Occupied: reopened June 25 2017 - present

March 30, 2014 - Oct 11, 2015

Previous Servers: N/A
Realm Leader: Zyera & Tundrra
Branch Leader: Timaios

Officer Hierarchy

Realm Leader:

Branch Leader:

  • vacant


  • vacant

Contact Information

Example: Ojike@Ojike

  • We need your @ESOhandle in order to send you guild invite and add you to our friends list.

New Recruit Information

NOMAD realms are designed for existing NOR members only.

  • No active Recruiting or expanding until the game becomes a [provisional branch] or the HC is petitioned.

Some exceptions:

  • Family and friends that are recruited gain the status of "Allies" and in some instance may become members per HC approval.
  • Recruits that transfer to a NOMAD realm and are no longer active in a Active Realm of NOR become Allies status.

Branch History

June 2017 - Sept 2017 Timaios: Phoenix Rising


  • 09/24 Due to equipment issues Timaios had to step down from Branch Leader, and the Realm moved from provisional to NOMAD.
July 2017 issue 51
Hail *NOR/!

Count Timaios here with a quick message from the ESO Branch, activity has improved significantly since the branch re-opened. As of the 22/7/2012 we have 25 active members, each member shaping up nicely as a great addition to the NOR community. I have had the pleasure of promoting our first batch of squires and hope to add more in the near future.

As mentioned before in our last article, our next game update will be “Horns of the Reach”, featuring two new dungeons. Also if you're into PvP a new event is underway, “The Midyear Mayhem” PvP event. Open up the crown store and claim your ticket entitled "Details on the Midyear Mayhem, pick up the quest and enjoy two-hours of 100% bonus to alliance points earned.

We are growing quickly and welcome anyone who enjoys a chilled out, relaxed atmosphere with awesome people to pass the time away as you enjoy all that Tameriel has to offer. So join us for a little fun, daedra and some mayhem on the side.

Count TimaiosNORwiki ESO


  • 07/23 ESO raised to Provisional County and Baron Timaios promoted to Count.
June 2017 issue 50
Hail *NOR/!

It is my pleasure to announce that the NOR branch in The Elder Scrolls Online has been reactivated, recruiting efforts will soon be underway. I encourage all that have thought about trying the Elder Scrolls but have held back to consider giving this gem of an MMO a chance, it is buy to play but I think you definitely get your money's worth and if you decide to subscribe you get all DLC's that have been released at your disposal and also all future DLC. It’s also worth mentioning that the latest Chapter in the main story Morrowind has been released, Vivec a living god of the Dunmer people of Morrowind, a member of the Tribunal needs our help against a mysterious threat that could spell disaster for every living being on the island of Vvardenfell.

My hope for this Branch of NOR is to be a place where you can do whatever it is you wish to do with your time here in ESO, as our branch grows hopefully we can cater to all types of playstyles. For now the focus is to bring in members who wish to be part of not just a community of players but also a family of gamers who embody the spirit of what makes NOR one of the greatest cross-gaming communities out there. We have a long and enduring history of fostering qualities in players such as being helpful, mutual co-operation to further each other’s goals, inclusiveness and our amazing ability to accept each other for who we are, no judgement no matter the skill level, gender or other superficial labels.

This game has a lot to offer those who enjoy good stories, exploring delves and dungeons, battling gods, being manipulated by gods, being a gods plaything....fun times. In closing ESO has a lot of exciting things coming over the horizon, like the return to the clockwork city, maybe we'll finally meet Sotha'sil...alive and well. Anyways look forward to adventuring with you all in Tameriel.

Baron Timaios


  • 06/25/2017 ESO reopened as a Provisional Barony under the Leadership of Baron Timaios

Feb 2015 - May 2015 Timaios:


  • 10/11/2015 ESO realm closed.
  • 05/17/2015 Timaios stepping down from Branch Leader
NORnews Feb 2015 issue 28
Hail *NOR/!

Some of you may know me, some won't but let me introduce myself. My name is Timaios, proud member of NOR, humble servant of the most excellent House Griffon (big shout out to my fellow Griffons) and not quite sure how this one happened but the new Branch Leader in Elder Scrolls Online.

I have been with NOR for just about 2 years now, starting out in what is now a booming branch in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have traveled to many branches during my time in NOR, spending some time in Neverwinter, Guildwars 2 and Rift. I've met some great people and had some great times grouping up doing raids, dungeons or even just helping out with the odd quest. That's what makes being part of NOR amazing, the feeling of being part of a family that will help you out when you need it, offer advice when your struggling and band together when there is a big ass boss that needs putting down. Those are the experiences I won't forget and those are the experiences I want those who join our ESO team to know for themselves. I'm just starting out and I may make mistakes but in the end I promise I'll see my vision realized or I may just burn out and quit gaming forever....one of the two.

In conclusion I am deeply honored that I have been given this position and I will do my very best to uphold the ideals of NOR and make this Branch a place of fun, good times and lots of MEAD!!!

Baron Timaios

*NOR/BA – Branch Leader: ESO

June 2014 - Feb 2015 Seyella: First Wave

  • 02/16/2015 Timaios Temporally becomes Branch leader of ESO
  • 02/06/2015 Seyella steps down from Branch Leader of ESO



NORnews dec 2014 issue 26
Hail *NOR/!

We’ve had a lot of exciting things going on in ESO the past couple months, and more to look forward to!

Game Update 5 was released the end of October and brought us Dungeon and Solo Scaling, Undaunted Pledges, Crafting Writs, Improved Facial Animations, Veteran Rank Improvements, and much more. It looks like Game Update 6 will be hitting the Public Test Server in January and will be bringing us the much anticipated Justice System and Phase 3 of the Champion System!

There have been 2 Loyalty Rewards released, and many of you are running around Tamriel with your 90 day reward, the High Hrothgar Wraith, and the 180 day reward, the Loyal Dwarven Sphere.

We’ve had many new recruits joining us in ESO. We’re so glad to have you join us! Welcome to all of you!

We currently have two scheduled branch events in ESO, one on Wednesday evenings - 7pm PT, 10pm ET and the other on Sunday afternoon – 1pm PT, 4pm ET. These have been scheduled as “Guild Group Events”, and have included anything from dungeons, grouping to kill open world bosses, or Cyrodiil PvP.

Discussions are underway to introduce new branch events for all of you to enjoy in 2015. Our first new event will take place in January and will be a “Heroic Screenshot Contest”. We will be releasing more information on the specifics for the contest the beginning of January – so watch the NOR forums and our in-game Message of the Day for more info! Now’s the time to start thinking about a good setting for your ESO character’s screenshot.

As always, if you have any ideas/requests for an event to take place in ESO, please let either myself, Mezzevil, Lakasha, or Timaios know. We’ll do our best to try to make it happen!

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hope to see you all in-game soon!

Duchess Seyella

*NOR/DK – ESO ESO ID - @QueenLotus

  • 09/07/2014 ESO becomes County
NORnews 08/24/14 issue 23
Hail *NOR/!

It's been an exciting and busy month for us in ESO. We had our guild branch meeting on July 26th, and I had the pleasure of squiring Araflin! We also had three more squirings this month – UlanX, Der Dragon, and Kill'Joy! Congratulations to all of you!!

Game Update 3 was launched this month and it brought us armor dyes, a guild tabard, the ability to add guild ranks, and Gold Coast Trading Company Merchants that guilds can bid on to sell their guild store items. New Alliance War Campaigns have been added, including Veteran and non-Veteran Campaigns, as well as 7, 14, and 30 day Campaigns that anyone can enter. As it looks like the queue for the 30 day campaign seems to be quite long, it looks like we will be joining Chillrend, the 14 day standard Campaign. Game update 3 also brought us Instant Weapon Swap, Color Correction, Difficult Mode for some of the Trials, some new emotes, and many other fixes and improvements.

We're still running dungeons during our Saturday & Sunday Dungeon/Group Events. Thanks to all who are participating!! Many of us have been able to gain skill points and achievements by completing them!! We will continue running dungeons during those times, or work on our fishing achievements, have Cyrodiil skyshard runs, or help out with anything else that is needed. For those that have alts in the other factions, we're hoping to get a group together to start running dungeons for those alts, so get them leveled to at least level 12 and let us know if you'd like to participate.

September brings us Game Update 4, which includes a Craglorn Expansion, The Serpent Trial, Dragonstar Arena, and much more. September also brings the start of a Loyalty Rewards Program! There's a lot to look forward to!

If you have any suggestions as to events you'd like to see added, let either myself, Mezzevil or Lakasha know and we'll see if we can help you get it organized!

We're looking forward to seeing you in-game soon!

Duchess Seyella

*NOR/DK – ESO ESO ID - @QueenLotus

  • 08/2014 Lakasha becomes Heraldess and Mezzeval becomes Baron
NORnews 07/20/14 issue 22

Elder Scrolls Online is now approaching its 4th month since launch. Most of the early issues (bugs, bots, etc.) have been addressed, and we've been enjoying the game.

The PC version of ESO has arrived on Steam. If you haven't tried out the game yet, now's the time to join us! You can purchase the Imperial Edition for 40% off or the Standard Edition for 50% off until the sale ends Monday, July 21st. As an added bonus, if you purchase the Imperial Edition during the sale you'll receive a loyal Wolfhound vanity pet to accompany you in-game!

We were happy to have a new recruit join us this month - Welcome, Kookook! We were also excited to Squire a few members recently. Congratulations to Squires Havoc, Hakenaton & Thraetta! Also, congratulations is due to Thraetta and his wife, Umiliya, on the birth of their son, Hunter Wyatt Sparks, last Sunday, July 13th. We wish you and that precious little one all the best!

We've added a few scheduled events to our schedule. On Saturdays we have a Dungeon Run/Group Event at 7am PT, 10am ET and Cyrodiil Alliance PvP event at 7pm PT, 10pm ET. On Sunday at 1pm PT, 4pm ET we've set aside time for a Dungeon Run/Group Event. The Cyrodiil PvP is a lot of fun, and we actually have been able to claim a Fort and a Farm (way to go Talo!!). Several of us decided to go on a dungeon run zerg last weekend and completed 5 dungeons! It was a lot of fun and most of us were able to complete achievements and get several skill points! Thanks to Mezzevil, Hakenaton, Araflin, Lakasha and Burleydawg for participating. We hope that those who missed out will be able to join us on another weekend Dungeon/Group Event! We're also hoping to start dungeon runs for our alts in Ebonhart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion.

We have a couple more promotions planned for our upcoming Branch Meeting next Saturday, July 24, as well as a guild group photo. Following the meeting we're planning to hold a Fishing Tournament to help our guildies work on their fishing achievement! Bring your poles & bait!

Next month (August) brings us Game Update 3, which we are eagerly anticipating! This will include Armor Dyes, new Armor Sets, some class balance changes to Templars, DragonKnights, and Nightblades, as well as some adjustments to the Werewolves. There also will be several Guild Enhancements made, including the addition of more guild ranks, the ability for those in your alliance to purchase from your Guild Store in Cyrodiil if your guild owns a keep, Gold Coast Trading Company kiosks in the cities of Tamriel that guilds can hire to auction goods, and much more! Branch Calendar Events:

We have room for more events, if anyone would like to add one - just let me know! Hope to see you all in-game soon!



  • 06/01/2014 Baron Ojike steps down from Branch Leader and Duchess Seyella takes over ESO

Feb 2014 - June 2014 Ojike: The Beginnings


NORnews 05/18/14 issue 20

Elder Scrolls Online has been out for over a month now. We're all having fun leveling our characters and exploring the game world. Our branch is continuing to grow and we've been fortunate to add a few more recruits, who are welcome additions to our group! We have over 50 members on the roster, so we now have a Guild Store available for our use.

Several of our members have reached Veteran Rank already and I'm sure are eagerly anticipating the release of Update 1, which is expected soon. This update includes Craglorn, an Adventure Zone for Veteran Rank 1 and above characters and 12-man Trials, which are similar to "raids" for Veterans as well.

Many of us are getting anxious to venture into Cyrodiil to try out some PvP, so plans are being formulated to start doing so on Sunday afternoons. Keep your eye on the Forums and in-game on the Message of the Day for more information as to dates and times. Hope you can join us! We also hope to start up some regular dungeon runs as well.

As in most every game launch, there have been several bugs and other issues, including gold farmers and bots. Zenimax has been working diligently to address these issues during their regular weekly updates/maintenance.

ESO has much more in store for us which we are looking forward to, including: Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood storyline and quests. Armor Dying and Tinting. Justice System. Horse Racing. Spellcrafting.

Craglorn: ESO's First Adventure Zone (PEGI) Come join us and check out all that ESO has to offer!

Duchess Seyella


NORnews 04/2014 issue 19

NOR's newest branch has gotten off to a great start! Baron Ojike has spearheaded the effort to organize and create a strong, cohesive Chain of Command. Lady Roxanne has agreed to help Baron Ojike to create and maintain the branch.

Most of NOR's HC has been playing, as well as a ton of visiting people from other branches. Recruiting has been going well, so far we have about 20 recruits since the game launched on April 4, 2014.

The Chain of Command will be in place by the end of the month. Plans are underway to build PVP teams as well as Raid teams. Because of the way guild's are intended to function in the game, we intend to create a second guild in order to have a guild store.

So, if you want some fun, please come visit! Everyone is welcome and you'll find lots of people that will be eager to help you get on your feet! Hail *NOR/

Lady Roxanne

*NOR/Lady-ESO Wife of Zif

  • 04/27/2014 Roxanne becomes Realm Leader
  • 02/16/2014 ESO becomes a Provisional Barony with Baron Ojike as Branch Leader
NORnews 01/2014 issue 18

New OutRider interest in The Elder Scrolls online continues to be extremely high, and the game is just 3 ½ months from release. Unfortunately at this time we don't have a Branch Leader ready to launch the branch and recruit officers and members. If you are interested in taking the reigns of the ESO branch, please stop by the ESO forum on the NOR Boards, or visit the next high council meeting.

Duke Talolan


Summer 2013: Talolan: Rallying the Armies

NORnews 12/2013 issue 17

ZeniMax finally gave us the release date for The Elder Scrolls Online. The game will be coming out on 4.4.14. Please read this letter from Game Director Matt Firor:

Follow along in the NOR forums for news and updates as we near release.

Duke Talolan


NORnews 06/2013 issue 11
Hail *NOR/

Pre-branch census has been cancelled. We'll pick it up again later in 2013. The latest round of beta invites was sent on 6/11. Check your email and spam folder.

Upcoming Game news: ZeniMax announced that TESO will be coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as PC/Mac. Each system will occupy its own game world, and not have play across systems. Due to the console additions the game has been delayed to Spring 2014.

Learn More on the TEST Forums: viewforum.php?f=80

Marquis Talolan


NORnews 05/2013 issue 10
Hail *NOR/

We are all eagerly await the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO or TESO). The second small wave of beta invites went out last week, we haven't heard when the next wave will go out. We are still in the early stages of assembling a provisional branch, interested members and officers should seek out the Elder Scrolls Online forum on the NOR forums. Thank you,

Talolan *NOR/MQ
NORnews 04/2013 issue 09
Hail *NOR/

We are all eagerly await the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO or TESO). The second small wave of beta invites went out last week, we haven't heard when the next wave will go out. We are still in the early stages of assembling a provisional branch, interested members and officers should seek out the Elder Scrolls Online forum on the NOR forums.

Thank you,

Talolan *NOR/MQ

NORnews March 2013 issue 08
Hail *NOR/

We are all eagerly await the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO or TESO). Beta sign-ups started on January 22nd, and Zenimax the first invites go out in March. We are still in the early stages of assembling a provisional branch, interested members and officers should seek out the Elder Scrolls Online forum on the NOR forums.

Thank you,

Talolan *NOR/MQ

NORnews Feb 2013 issue 07
Hail *NOR/

We are all eagerly await the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO or TESO). Beta sign-ups started on January 22nd, and Zenimax has stated that the beta will start soon. We are still in the early stages of assembling a provisional branch, interested members and officers should seek out the Elder Scrolls Online forum on the NOR forums.

Thank you,

Talolan *NOR/MQ

Officer History

Realm Leader:

  • Lady Roxanne 03/30/2014 - 02/15/2015

Branch Leader:

  • Count Timaios@Timaios June 25th 2017 - Sept 24th 2017
  • Baron Timaios@Timaios 02/16/2015 - 05/17/2015
  • Duchess Seyella@QueenLotus June 2014 - Dec 2015
  • Baron Ojike 03/30/14 - 06/01/14


  • Lakasha@LakashaNOR 03/30/14 - 10/13/2015
  • Mezzevill@Mezzevil 2015? -10/13/2015

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