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Guild Wars 2 Box Art
Ribbon: GW2.png
Server: Sanctum of Rall
Server Type: PvE
Alignment: N/A
Dates Occupied: Feb 2016 - present
& August 25, 2012 - Sept 14th 2015
Previous Servers: N/A
Realm Leader: Zyera
Branch Leader: Windemere

Officer Hiearchy

Active GW2 Officers

  • Realm Leader
Lady Zyera 2-21-2016 - present
  • Branch Leader
Duke Windemere 2-21-2016 - present
  • Officers
Count Valikk 2-21-2016 - present
Baroness Nimue 2-21-2016 - present
Baroness Teigra 2-11-2017 - present

Representing & Ally Rank Information

Allies vs Members

  • Recruit rank is a testing period to see potential in a person becoming full members of NOR. If they do not show full activity (Never repping, focused on other guilds far more than NOR) the rank of Ally may apply if they still wish to be a part of NOR but not a full member. They can be promoted to squire if they do change their mind and wish to become a full member of NOR.
  • A member of NOR in GW2 is expected to be “repping” about 80-90% of the time. Multi-Guild is a function in this game, so it is understandable if members wish to be parts of other guilds where NOR is not necessarily present (WvW, RP, etc). NOR is expected to be your “home”/”main” guild.
  • Members will have precedence over allies when it comes to filling spots for party related content.

Raid Alliance

  • As an ally in a raid alliance with NOR, you are shown on the boards and in Discord as an “Ally”. Ally is not a member, but a respected friend, and ally, of NOR.
  • Nights will be specified who runs/leads which night ahead of time so there is no confusion. NOR raids will be hosted in NOR discord channel, mannerisms and rules apply while in NOR channels.
  • Allied Guilds do not poach or try to actively recruit other members away from their respective guilds. If another member freely wishes to join the other guild, it may be taken by a case by case basis. NOR has regulations on members quitting the guild and returning.

Realm Specific Recruitment Information

Welcome to New Outriders on the Sanctum of Rall!

We are a casual, mature, family-friendly guild that has been around since 1992 when it was founded in the game “The Shadow of Yserbius” on the ImagiNation network. NOR is active in several other games such as SW:TOR, ArcheAge, Neverwinter, Black Desert, and undoubtedly more to come. We have a dedicated group of enthusiastic players looking to grow the guild and experience all aspects of the game.

NOR has a variety of playstyles and commitment levels from very laid back to desiring to play the most challenging content, such as raids and high-tier fractals. All are welcome to pursue their main interests who believe in the core principles that have made NOR great for decades.

“To have fun and help others do the same” is the philosophy that guides us and we are looking for more friendly, mature members to join us. We have a mix of veterans and new players. A lot of the content is still fresh to us. If you missed out on the opportunity to get involved with a fun and reliable guild when it was in its growing stages, we may be just what you are looking for! Whether you are a long-time veteran looking to be around people who love the game as much as you do, or someone new and just playing the game for free, you are welcome to join us.

What we offer:

  • Weekly scheduled events for fractals, guild missions, raiding, "Name your PvE", and even more as demand grows. Event times are typically evenings at 9pm EST and Sundays at 1:30pm EST.
  • Dedicated website with complete roster information, forums, event calendar, and more.
  • Discord server with dedicated channels.
  • Support for other MMOs. The friends you make here in the NOR branch of GW2 will be with you as you explore future games.
  • Gilded Hollow Guild Hall (level 44) with XP, Gathering, PvP Reward, Magic Find, and Karma boost; Scribing station, Arena, Guild Portal, and more!

What we expect:

We are looking for friendly, mature people (comfortable with a “PG” atmosphere) who want to make NOR their home in GW2. Members are expected to be active and represent NOR 80-90% of their time. We have no problems with people joining "specialty" guilds for certain aspects of the game like RP or WvW, but NOR should be your main guild. If you are looking for a community, rather than just some folks to hang out with on occasion, we may be the place for you!

Contact & Invite Information

How do I join?

Send in a Guild Application to Join! Remember to add your Handler.#### name!

In game

  • Server: Sactum of Rall (PvE)
  • Officer Handlers:
    • Branch Leader - Windemere.6534
    • Realm Leader - Zyera.4835
    • Officer - Valikk.3810
    • Officer - Nimue.4892
    • Officer - Teigra.1478

On a Different Server?

No problem! We can still get you a tag and you can still play with all of us! Note: You will not be able to play WvW with us. More Info Here: Guild Wars 2 Worlds

Free 2 Play?

Let us contact you if you have restrictions on whispers and mails. Contact the officers listed above on the forums, give us your handler name and we can get you an invite! Guild Wars 2 Account Types

Want to Find Your Friends?

1. I know the person's NOR roster name and want to find their GW2 display name: We are adding the GW2 display name to the 'alts' field of the NOR roster for each person playing GW2. Simply use the roster to find your friend and their GW2 display name should be indicated in the 'alts' field. You can then use the guild panel from within GW2 to search for the listed display name from the roster.

2. I know the person's GW2 display name and want to figure out who it is in the NOR roster: Go to the NOR roster and use the search feature specifying the GW2 display name in the "By alts" box. If the roster entry has been properly updated with the GW2 display name of the member, the search should find it.

Out of Game

Free to Play

As of August 29, 2015, ArenaNet has made the core game free to play. All you need to do is create an account, download the game, and you will have two character slots from which you can play a large cross-section of the game with some restrictions. The available content is rather generous, with most of the free to play inconveniences coming in the form of inventory, bank, and trading post restrictions.

Branch History


Apr 2017 issue 48

The Guild Wars 2 branch offers its full 8-bit report this month after many trials and tribulations from the Super Adventure Box. Lots of jumping, bleeping, and booping took place and we extend a hearty congratulations to all who endured sinister toads and other platforming travails to earn new prizes, decorations, and achievements. We also managed to continue steady progress on guild hall upgrades, progression raiding, and planning for more activities to come.

NOR completed the “further exploration” upgrade and opened up even more space in the guild hall. Soon thereafter we also completed the final waypoint discount unlock so that all representing members can look forward to 15% discounts on their cost to waypoint. We are currently working on the “Workshop Restoration 2” upgrade, which has some steep requirements with elonian leather squares and linseed oil, so please take some time to contribute however you can. The officers have also begun drafting some guidelines for decorating the guild hall as we prepare to expand guild hall decorating privileges to a wider group of ranks. Stay tuned for more information!

The progression group enjoyed a successful month of raiding with several Vale Guardian kills as well as a couple of Gorseval take downs. We had one venture into the Escort mission and came very close but fell short with some ‘rocky’ pathfinding by Glenna. A small group also went in and took a first look at Cairn to get a feel for the fight. We will be opening up some training sessions in addition to our progression nights, so if you want to dip your toes into the raids with a more casual setting, this is an opportunity for you to do so. Anyone interested in raiding should also take a look at the helpful “raiding etiquette” post by Lady Zyera, as it really helps to make the best use of everyone’s time when ten people are all on the same page.

We look forward to what ArenaNet has in store for us with episode five of Living Story Three. It sounds like some major events are about to unfold as MIke O’Brien provided a quick update on its progress, “We’re currently putting the finishing touches on episode five. It’s an important episode and we’re taking the time to get it right. I wanted to let you know that this episode will release closer to the three-month side of our two-to-three-month cadence. We’ll make the formal announcement when everything’s locked down. In the meantime, just hang tight a little while longer.”

Until then, we have plenty to do and more great people with whom to do it! We congratulate Crux, Cosmic, DawId, Flizle, xBlueKhaoz, and IieChigaimasu on their promotions to squire and welcome Orpheus, Bisonbear, Ultraviolet, Confuzing, Shaylock, and JellyCake as our newest recruits. Thank you all for your interest and dedication to NOR, we hope it’s your online family for years to come. Happy gaming to all!

Duke Windemere


Mar 2017 issue 47

After having spent the previous month enjoying the release of the "Head of the Snake" Living Story content, the Guild Wars 2 branch spent much of this last month “leveling up.” We completed the Guild Hall upgrade to our aetherium capacity, and after knocking out a few other smaller upgrades, we achieved level 40! This enables us to focus on the next exciting step of Further Exploration, which opens up an entirely new area of the Guild Hall with more rooms, a jumping puzzle, and a new waypoint. We’re thankful for the many generous donations that have made this possible and are still coming in. Please keep an eye on the Discord chat channel and in-game message of the day for details on what resources are currently needed.

This theme of leveling up was also seen in several aspects of end game content. Under the leadership of Zyera and Valikk, we gave more attention to our raiding aspirations in recruitment and have gained enough interest to start scheduling raiding nights with an all-NOR team! We’ve been helping each other to gear up and finish elite specializations. We’ve also seen more people pushing into T3 and T4 fractals and reap the great rewards they offer. It’s exciting to see yet another dimension of the game open up to NOR. If you are interested in raiding or progressing into higher tier fractals, don’t hesitate to speak with an officer on how to get involved.

The past month also brought a balance patch and regular sales at the Black Lion Trading post with new items as well as the return of some highly coveted ones. It sounds like a lot of gems have migrated from NORbie accounts back to ArenaNet, so keep your eyes peeled for more daily sales as there have been some really good offers. With the advent of the balance patch we also get a fresh season of ranked PvP, so good luck to all of you chasing those ranked rewards!

We’ve enjoyed some great fruit from our recruitment efforts over the past month. We congratulate Eielesa, Leo, Nivora and Desu on their promotions to squire and reception as full members. We also warmly welcome IieChigaimasu, Flizle, DawId, xBlueKhaoz, CosmicTeapot, Crux, and CATXJ as our newest recruits. Many of you have jumped right in, gotten involved, and contributed from the moment you joined and it’s a great encouragement to us. We hope you find a home here and become a long-term part of the NOR community.

Happy gaming to all!

Duke Windemere


Feb 2017 issue 46

Happy Anniversary to the Guild Wars 2 branch of NOR! This month marks one year since the Guild Wars 2 realm came out of retirement from NOMAD status and returned to be an active barony. Since then, we have grown from a handful of wandering, wingless adventurers to our current roster of nearly fifty active members in a full duchy with a level thirty-five guild hall and are regularly soaring to new heights. We are grateful for all of the terrific members who have helped to make the GW2 realm a fun and successful year. We look forward to building upon that success and making the next year another great run. If you’ve been thinking about playing GW2, we warmly invite you to come and take a look at the game (it’s free to play) and join us for our regularly scheduled events!

A lot has happened since the last newsletter. ArenaNet released episode four of Living Story three entitled, “The Head of the Snake.” The story picks up right where the previous cliffhanger left off, and introduces yet another world map to explore. It has received a lot of positive feedback for its unfolding story and the release also included a new raid wing, “The Bastion of the Penitent”, which is both a treat to previous Guild Wars 1 lore as well as harmonizing splendidly with the current story. The patch included some nice re-design to existing fractals, most notably “Thaumanova Reactor”, which has become more intuitive and streamlined. Those of us running fractals have really appreciated the effort ArenaNet has been putting in to keep them fun and fresh.

Over the last month we completed the “Guild Armorer 2” upgrade to our guild hall, which enables us to purchase additional armor skins with our guild emblem. We also added the ability to craft Guild Hero banners, which are much appreciated by players out in the open world during large scale events. We’re currently working on upgrading the mine, which will enable us to harvest the aetherium needed to purchase future upgrades. Zyera and Valikk enjoyed their first kill of Cairn the Indomitable, the first boss in the Bastion of the Penitent, in participation with our Project Knighthood [KNHD] guild alliance. In addition, Aranhawk has tasted success with a few take downs on the Vale Guardian with the Raid Combat Training group. Congrats to all! We’ve had growing interest in raiding again with some of our newer members, and with the experience NOR has been able to obtain with our [KNHD] friends, we hope to be able to field our own NOR team in the not so distant future. If you have interest in finding out more about raids, please speak with Zyera or Valikk.

Recruitment for the Guild Wars 2 branch steadily continues. We’ve enjoyed the active participation of several new recruits NivoraFrostscar, LeodWolf, Cynkinese, Vyxian, and DesuRaider. Welcome to NOR, it’s great to have you and we hope your become long-time members of the family! We’d also like to congratulate Goblinlitter on her promotion to squire! It feels like she’s always been here and we’re thankful for her company.

As we enjoy the steady drops of new content and await word on the next expansion, we’re keeping busy with a wide cross-section of activities. Thank you to everyone who contributes to our success and we wish you all much happiness in your gaming!

Duke Windemere


Jan 2017 issue 45

Happy Lunar New Year from the Guild Wars 2 branch! After an extended period of binging on candy canes and eggnog during Wintersday, we’ve waddled into some Dragonball to get back in shape and see what fortunes might be stuffed inside Lucky Envelopes as celebrate the new year with fireworks and revelry.

While things have been fairly quiet from ArenaNet the past couple of months compared to the summer and fall releases of Living Story 3 episodes, the festivals have been providing fresh activities accompanied with tantalizing loot and achievements. Of special note is the Lucky Great Rooster Lantern backpack introduced this year and the Red Lantern decorations that can be purchased for the Guild Hall with essence of luck. The Red Lanterns can be used by scribes to create additional decorations and you can already see the festive results in our Guild Hall.

Speaking of which, “Have you visited the Guild Hall lately??” So asked Ismene when she posted some beautiful screenshots of its recent changes. We finished our war room restoration and aetherium capacity upgrade to the mine, which will allow us to work on even bigger and better upgrades. The further along we get in making upgrades, the greater the resources required, so we continue to appreciate the effort and self-sacrifice members are making to achieve them.

In between content drops, we’ve had no difficulty staying busy. We continue to run weekly scheduled events with fractals, “Choose your own PvE”, Sunday afternoon pickup groups, and guild missions. Please check out the in game “Message of the Day” from the guild panel, or our consolidated Guild Wars 2 Event Descriptions for specific times and further details. NOR was invited to participate in the Raid Combat Training initiative put forth by our ally guild Project Knighthood (KNHD), and if raiding interests you, please speak to an officer about it. We’ve also seen a noticeable uptick in people doing ranked and unranked PvP and grouping together for miscellaneous open world and instanced content. It’s a delight to see and there are many people who are willing and interested to help each other out, so if there is something you’ve been wanting to do, please don’t hesitate to ask!

We continue to actively recruit and warmly welcome our newest additions of Exphio, Goblinlitter, FinalPantasy, and Eielesa. We hope you find a comfortable home here and get the most out of the game with us. We invite all of our fellow NORbies to pop in and visit us at any time to check out what’s going on. Guild Wars 2 is free to play, or buy to play without any restrictions, so it’s an easy game to visit at your leisure. Happy gaming all!

Duke Windemere



Dec 2016 issue 44

Happy Wintersday from the Guild Wars 2 branch! We’ve taken a brief respite from knocking back egg nog after surviving the Toypocalypse to bring you our monthly report. Over the past couple of months we have been chilling out with the new sights in the Bitterfrost region of the Shiverpeaks, as well as the decorated Winter Wonderland in Divinity’s Reach. Both the latest episode of the Living Story and the Wintersday event have blown a chilly wind across Tyria, but we’ve all warmed up to the changes and are happily exploring the mysteries (and loot!) they contain.

ArenaNet released A Crack in the Ice, the next installment of Living Story 3, which is available free to all owners of the Heart of Thorns expansion. The content expands on the personal story and includes a new map with all the events, achievements, and goodies we’ve come to expect from these installments. There is also a new legendary shield called Shooshadoo, whose appearance looks like a quaggan inside a small aquarium! We’ve also been given a new fractal called “Nightmare”, which is set within the Tower of Nightmares that appeared during the first Living Story episodes. The mechanics and setting are really fun and there are achievements that unlock some fantastic looking weapon skins. The Living Story episodes continue to deliver varied, interesting content, so it’s a good time to be a Heart of Thorns owner.

The Wintersday festival has arrived and will run from December 13th through January 10th. There are a wide variety of activities to choose from, including a challenging jumping puzzle, a choir bell game (similar to guitar hero), snowball fights, goodwill to orphans, defending against waves of misbehaving toys in the Toypocalypse, or helping to keep Tixx’s airship, the Infinirarium, in order. There are some unique items to acquire through achievements, such as the Star of Gratitude and Wintersday Tree node. The star will consume empyreal fragments and provide loot in exchange. The tree node will grant you a daily wintersday gift in your home instance.

We have continued to make steady progress on the Guild Hall, unlocking all the tavern buffs and filling out our Arena obstacles. We are nearly level 35 and will be pushing towards the significant level 40 that opens up further exploration. We send a major thanks to everyone who has worked hard to contribute towards the upgrades and kindly remind everyone to keep an eye on the message of the day to see what materials we need for the next goal.

We also continued to grow with new recruits and promotions. We are honored to have new squires Gwyn, Serra Beth, Oldgoat, Key Lime Pie, Piona Master, and Flare Scott. We warmly welcome our new recruits therise, Mathuzalis, Reapersyn, Gearspowered, EZAZU, Ethenium, Elthrai, Fanaki, and Colwyn Dale. We hope you too make a permanent home with us and come to appreciate the NOR family as we do.

Guild Wars 2 continues to serve up a variety of interesting content that keeps us busy and entertained. Arena Net was honored with Massively Op’s Best Business Model of 2016 Award. This is due to its friendly free to play model, absence of pay to win policies, and generous buy-to-play full membership. If you’ve been thinking about taking a look, come join us and find out why this game continues to enjoy a loyal fan base. Happy Gaming!

Duke Windemere


Oct 2016 issue 43

Over the past two months, the Guild Wars 2 branch has been very busy with Living Story 3 updates being rolled out from ArenaNet, as well as making major Guild Hall expansions, revamping our scheduled events, recruiting and promoting, enjoying a Mad King Halloween, and successfully defeating the Vale Guardian. It’s been a real treat to experience a wide array of activities with NORbies new and old, and we look forward to even more to come!

ArenaNet released Rising Flames, the next installment of Living Story 3, and available free to all owners of the Heart of Thorns expansion. The content introduces more personal story, a new map with an epic jumping puzzle, a revamped Mistlock Observatory, additional achievements, and several tweaks and quality of life improvements. In October, the Mad King returned with his tricks and treats, daring us to assault his labyrinth and infiltrate his clock tower. NOR was up to the challenge and filled their sacks with much loot, frequently leading entire maps through his lair and gorging themselves on candy corn. We eagerly await the Winter Festival and next episode of the living story!

NOR has continued to show remarkable teamwork and dedication towards expanding our Guild Hall. While mixed with some bittersweet emotions, NOR completed its Guild Memorial. It’s a reminder of how NOR is about more than pixels on a screen and to treasure what we have together. We fondly remember all those who have made NOR an outstanding community for decades, both directly and indirectly. In addition to the memorial, we added and improved several harvesting nodes, completed the extensive upgrade to the Tavern, and witnessed our first scribe reaching level 400. Congratulations to Zyera and thank you for working hard at this accomplishment!

As we continue to grow and bring in additional recruits, we constantly review and make adjustments to our scheduled events as needed. We have introduced two new activities: Intro to Fractals and “Name Your PvE”. These are particularly aimed at recruits and/or people who are newer to the game for helping them to get integrated with NOR. We continue to run guild missions on Sunday nights and our Sunday afternoon SIEGE event. We also explored a second raid alliance, this time with Project Knighthood, and enjoyed a very successful first adventure with them, experiencing our raid first kill of the Vale Guardian.

The best part of the past two months has been the NORbies that help us to get the most from the game. We are thankful to Baron Cheese for stepping up into an officer role. He has been heavily involved from the first day he joined and a great asset to the guild. We also heartily welcome Diablo, Silent Storm, CDelzell, Irensaga, and Raprap as squires into NOR. We continue to seek more quality recruits searching for a home and look forward to expanding the family.

The Guild Wars 2 branch has an embarrassment of riches comprised of a wonderful community and frequent content drops from Arena Net. Time fails us to go into details about feeding cats, guild hall jumping puzzle shenanigans, dressing up for Halloween, and visions of flax seeds burned into our retinas. It’s a great time to be alive in Guild Wars 2 and we’re happy to help anyone interested to come and be a part of it. You can try it for free at any time. Happy gaming!

Duke Windemere


Aug 2016 issue 42

The Guild Wars 2 branch has enjoyed a month of gobbling up new content, working together to complete achievements, and continuing renovations at the Guild Hall. The world of Tyria continues to unfold with strange and ominous events as experienced during Living Season 3, the appearance of Bloodstone Creatures, and possibly the sightings of ghostly anomalies throughout the land, but in truth we just suspect that Zyera is going crazy.

We have continued running weekly events for guild missions, dungeons, and an assortment of activities for our Sunday afternoon gatherings. We’ve seen a lot of great collaboration between guild members for obtaining difficult to get Tyrian mastery points from fractals and the diving goggles achievement. We continue to plan for raiding, and have reached out to a like-minded guild to form a raiding alliance. Details are still be worked out, so stay tuned for more updates!

After successfully upgrading our market and guild decorations trader, we are setting our sights on the Guild Memorial. This will be a really nice way to honor fallen NOR members and their loved ones. Please keep an eye on the message of the day from the Guild Panel to see how you can help. We congratulate Valikk on his well deserved promotion to Count, Mango, Fana, Aranhawk, and Elyon on their promotions to Knight, and our newest squire Cheese! We appreciate all the contributions they have made to NOR.

The upcoming months continue to present a lot of new and entertaining opportunities in GW2. ArenaNet will be celebrating their four year anniversary, so keep an eye out for sales at the gem store for any goodies you’ve been waiting to pick-up. If you have been thinking about trying out Guild Wars 2, now is terrific time to do so and you can always try it for free. Happy gaming!

Duke Windemere


July 2016 issue 41
While the heat of summer may be encouraging some of us to slow down and take it easy, it certainly hasn't impeded ArenaNet's support for Guild Wars 2, and our NOR branch has continued to grow right alongside of it. Since the May newsletter, we have graduated from our provisional status and re-affirmed ourselves as a full Duchy. After a series of little teaser events popping up from maintenance patches, ArenaNet have officially launched Living Season 3 to begin on July 26th!

We have continued to make steady progress with Guild Hall upgrades, working our way up to level 20! The dueling Arena is completed and we have added a very useful Guild Portal, several types of resource nodes, and a magic find boost to the tavern. We have upgraded several other areas and added decorations. We will continue to chip away at additional upgrades and post the current list of items needed in the "Message of the Day' from the guild panel, as well as posting on the forums. Please take a moment now and then to see how you might contribute. As we move into the higher level upgrades the demands also increase, so distributing the load will certainly help a lot. We have revised our weekly event schedule, which now reserves time for Guild Missions on Monday, Dungeons on Wednesday, Raiding on Friday, and a Sunday afternoon "S.I.E.G.E" that changes focus on a rotating basis. Sign-ups are posted in the events sub-forum, which is a great place to reserve your spot and/or suggest any specific things you would like to do during an event. While we're still short of having ten people who are willing and able to raid on a regular basis, we have added a time slot to reserve it. We will consider filling in empty slots with pickup groups if we have around 7 or more NORbies, otherwise we will look at doing some other kind of challenging end-game content on those nights, such as Arah explorer paths or Twilight Arbor Aetherblade. If you are interested in raiding, please take a look at our Raiding Requirements and Group Composition discussions and let us know. We're happy to help people get ready if they are interested and willing to put in the time. New content is on the way with Living Season 3, starting July 26th! ArenaNet will be starting episodic releases with new personal stories, a fractal, the return of a revised PvP map called Revenge of the Capricorn, and several other changes that should make for exciting times ahead. The LS3 story will pick up where Heart of Thorns ended, and they have discounted the game by 50% for the week of July 20th through the 27th. If you have not purchased the expansion yet, this is a perfect time to upgrade your account as it comes with some great content in itself, and will also permanently unlock your ability to play LS3 for free so long as you login during the time it is active. For more details on Living Season 3, check out Dulfy's summary, which includes a link to a very spoiler heavy trailer - so fair warning!

The near future is looking bright for Guild Wars 2 and we're thankful to have everyone in NOR to help us enjoy it. If you have been thinking about trying it out, now is terrific time to do so and you can always try it for free. Happy gaming!

Duke Windemere


  • 2016/07/10 Guild War 2 becomes a full Duchy once again.

May 2016 issue 40

It’s hard to believe that only one month has passed since the last newsletter as we have seen a lot of changes to both the game and the NOR branch, and all very positive! The HUGE spring quarterly update introduced sweeping changes to various rewards, the Heart of Thorns map meta, WvW, and several other quality of life improvements. As many people have delightfully observed, “Every part of the game is relevant again.”

NOR has been very busy doing whatever it takes to expand the Gilded Hollow guild hall, to the point that many of us saw little tiny flax plants when closing our eyes at night. Since initially claiming it last month, we have added the Tavern, the Mine, the Workshop, the Market, and are on the cusp of completing the first step towards the Arena. Several additional upgrades have provided the guild with numerous perks. The scribing station at the workshop allows you to access both your personal bank and material storage. We have added guild swiftness to the hall to make your errands go faster, and there is a free XP or Karma boost available at the tavern. We have a repair anvil, guild bank, and merchant all right near the entry waypoint to help process your loot! Please keep an eye on the forums and the guild panel message to see what we’re working on and what resources are needed for the next expansion.

Speaking of forums, please take some time to visit them regularly! We get a lot of questions about end-game gearing (especially fractal infusions), and guild hall expansion requirements - many of which are covered in the Guild Wars 2 area of the NOR forums. So if you don’t do so already, please check them out. Some specific threads of interest would be our GW2 Event Schedule, End Game Gearing Guide, Guild Hall Subforum, and of course Post pictures of your characters!

Over the next month, we will continue to run our weekly events for dungeons, fractals, and the Sunday SIEGE event. We’ve already begun more frequent guild missions in order to provide favor towards the guild hall, but also because the personal rewards are very useful for purchasing valuable items like Ascended accessories! As we continue to gear up and become more proficient with the harder content, we will definitely be looking forward to trying out the Forsaken Thicket raid as well. ArenaNet have introduced some interesting new achievements over the past couple of weeks with the Unidentified Lodestone and Bandit Bounty events. These seem to be precursors to the Living Season 3 content that is expected to be out later this year. There is a lot of exciting content for NOR to tackle for the foreseeable future!

With all that lies ahead, we’re happy to enjoy it with a growing group of great people. We welcome Burnedd, Dasaybz, Razirya, Elyon, Dr. Frankenheket, and Marcack as our latest squires. We also saw the return of Knight Alaer and former NOR recruit Armstrong to the GW2 branch. We have many new recruits checking out NOR for the first time and seeing what makes us great: Koviana, Ruzz, Dragung, Kaya, Xyain, Ormazd, CrazyChipmunk, Fanaira, ViVi, Mangageek, and Aramlug. We send you all a warm welcome and hope you enjoy the game to its fullest with us.

There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for the Guild Wars 2 branch. We’re looking forward to exploring it together and welcome anyone else who wants to come along with us! Guild Wars 2 has a generous free to play model so it’s easy to jump in and get a taste of the game.



April 2016 issue 39

There’s no place like home! That seems like the best way to summarize the past month in the Guild Wars 2 branch of NOR. When I think of a home, I think of having a dedicated place to stay and a community with whom you enjoy inhabiting it, and those two aspects form the highlights of this month’s newsletter.

NOR has successfully claimed the Gilded Hollow guild hall! What started out as an ordinary weekly S.I.E.G.E event experimenting with guild missions unexpectedly turned into a full on assault of the Mordrem infested mysterious cavern beneath the Golden City. It was a fierce fight requiring careful coordination and rapid efficiency in order to survive the rising toxicity level, but NOR was up to the challenge. We will now be undertaking the long term work of restoring and expanding the hall in order to strengthen our broader goal of destroying the elder dragons.

Of course, a guild hall needs a robust community to occupy it. We held our first guild meeting last month and had the pleasure of promoting AnubisShado to squire and celebrating with dancing and bobble heads! We continued to grow our ranks with Hjorad, HermitBird, KristineFarwald, CharrlesDarling, and Zaburra joining us as new recruits. In addition, Jester and Dasaybz both joined the guild and were promoted to squires since the last update. We’re also excited to have Gumbylina officially transfer to the GW2 realm. Finally, we are thankful for Ismene/Quirk, who has accepted a promotion to Baroness! Congrats to all and thank you for helping to make the GW2 branch a great place to be.

Over the months ahead, we will continue to run our weekly events for dungeons, fractals, and S.I.E.G.E. In addition, we will be ramping up with more guild missions in order to expand and improve the guild hall. Please keep an eye out for the event schedule sign-ups and indicate your interest if you want to go. What’s more, if there is something else you would like to see us do, don’t hesitate to let an officer know, or just create your own event! We have a wide range of interests in the guild and it’s always more fun to accomplish things with fellow NORbies.

As for upcoming changes in the game itself, we are anxiously awaiting the April quarterly update from ArenaNet, which is due to arrive on April 19th. They have been teasing out information that indicates we’ll be seeing a new legendary bow, fractal backpack, and a mysterious new portal in Lion’s Arch. It also appears as though a few encounters are receiving changes, such as the Cliffside Fractal and perhaps the Megadestroyer world boss. We may also be seeing updates to the meta events in Heart of Thorn maps and lowered costs on scribing changes, which is perfect timing with the acquisition of our Guild Hall!

There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for the Guild Wars 2 branch. We’re looking forward to exploring it together and warmly welcome anyone else who wants to come along with us! Guild Wars 2 has a generous free to play model so it’s easy to jump in and get a taste of the game.

Baron Windemere


March 2016 issue 38

In the past month, the Guild Wars 2 branch leaped through an Asura gate leaving behind its former NOMAD status and landing back in Tyria as a re-launched Barony! If you are, or ever have been interested in playing Guild Wars 2 but have not seen the forums lately, we encourage you to check out all the updates. We have several new guides, helpful tips and tricks, role-playing discussion, and fun screenshots of our characters and experiences.

With the re-launch of the branch we have already seen some great additions. Congratulations to Ismene on her well-deserved promotion to Knight, and a hearty welcome to our three new recruits Andremus, Sister, and AnubisShado! We hope everyone enjoys their time in the guild. We will continue to focus on growing the Guild Wars 2 branch with more quality recruits over the next several weeks.

We now have three weekly recurring, scheduled events! We will be running dungeons on Wednesday night, Fractals on Saturday night, and a rotating mix of different events on Sunday afternoons. We expect to be running even more events (both scheduled and unscheduled) as we pursue claiming a guild hall, expanding our guild perks, and eventually taking on the newest raid. We have tons to do and see as a guild, including PvP and WvW, and we're excited to explore all of it.

NOR is not the only one undergoing significant changes as ArenaNet has unveiled a very transparent and informative AMA on what's going on in their studio. There is a splendid chest's worth of information contained in Dulfy's GW2 Reddit Developer AMA Summary. They have some promising updates coming to the Heart of Thorns game-play, WvW, and Living Season 3 later this year.

It's a great time to jump in and play Guild Wars 2 with NOR. We have a dedicated group of players who are happy to help out and group up for open world events. Remember that Guild Wars 2 has a generous free to play model so it's easy to jump in and get a taste of the game!

Baron Windemere


Feb 2016 issue 37

Recently there has been a renewed surge of interest in Guild Wars 2! With the base game Free 2 Play, many NORbies have made accounts or revisited their old account. Guild Wars 2 Branch is under the NOMAD structure currently. We have several NORbies here enjoying the game and grouping together for map exploration, dungeons, PvP and more!

What is Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 is an online roleplaying game with action-oriented combat, personal stories, world dynamic events, world-class PvP. The base game is free to play with some restrictions* (link) and buy to play once purchased whatever recent expansion is most current. So you only need the newest expansion for a full account unlock instead of buying the base game and the expansion. The free to play model is great to test out the waters and see if you enjoy the game!

If you would like to try out the game and want a NOR tag contact Lady Zyera or post in the Guild Wars 2 Forums on the NOR Site with your Handler name! Here: viewforum

You can learn more about Guild Wars 2 at their site here:

Baron Windemere posted a Guild Wars 2 Intro 101 here: pics

Play for Free! F2P

Lady Zyera



The NOR realm of GuildWars 2 was closed Sept 14th 2015.


  • Oct 27 2013 Zotash becomes Branch Leader, however after lots of hard work the branch isn't able to rebuild its self and is final abandoned and closed.
  • Sept 2013 Brandy steps down from Branch Leader
  • Aug 22 2013 Zotash is made a Baron by Brandy
  • June 2013 Seyella submits a short leave of absence and Baroness Brandy transitions to Branch Leader
  • June 1st 2013 Alsedel steps down from officer.
  • April 14th 2013 Seyella promotes Betony to Baroness and Alsedel to Baron
Aug 2013 issue 13

In GW 2 starting this past August 6th and running through August 20th a major event entitled the Queen's Jubilee will be going on. Many dynamic events will be regularly going on throughout the celebration. As you fight the enemies in these event you will be gathering watchwork sprockets which can be treated to the emissaries within the crown pavilion for special rewards. For those seeking even more of a challenge it can take tickets you will have received to the upper balcony to participate in one-on-one battles against powerful champions. All in all many activities and rewards such as new weapons skins can be received.

Starting August 17 Guild wars 2 PvP will be added to the electronic sports league. On August 17 ESL is hosting the Guild wars 2 Opening Cup. The first PvP matches will begin shortly after 11 AM PST. Sign-ups are now open for registry the teams.



Jun 2013 issue 11

Due to some real-life issues, Seyella has had to take a Leave of Absence from her duties as Branch Leader, but has left you in the capable hands of Brandy. These issues will not keep Seyella away from GW2 completely, however, just on a more limited basis.

Duchess Seyella

*NOR/DC - Branch Leader GW2

May 2013 issue 10

Our weekly WvW on Sunday has now become our PvP/WvW Event and is scheduled a little earlier in the day on Sundays at 11am PT, 2pm ET. Please join us!

Duchess Seyella

*NOR/DC Branch Leader GW2

Apr 2013 issue 09

Our GW2 Branch is now a Duchy! I'm pleased to announce we have two new officers, Baroness Betony and

Baron Alsedel. We look forward to our branch continuing to grow and thrive with their help! We've been successfully completing Guild Bounty Training Missions, and with a few more participants I believe we can complete regular Guild Bounty Missions. Please be sure to join us for these on Thursday evenings!

Duchess Seyella

*NOR/DC Branch Leader GW2

Mar 2013 issue 08

The Flame and Frost Game Event is in full swing, and the 2nd installment, The Gathering Storm has brought us Guild Missions. Our branch has worked hard to earn the influence to unlock the first mission, Guild Bounties, and we finally just achieved it! We're looking forward to unlocking the rest of them!

Countess Seyella

*NOR/CS Branch Leader GW2

Feb 2013 issue 07

Earlier this month I had the honor of Squiring Brie, and promoting Alsedel and Bear Dancer to Knight! Congrats to you all!

We've added 2 new weekly events, a Jumping Puzzle Event on Friday evenings and GW2 101 on Monday evenings! Please come and join us!

Countess Seyella

*NOR/CS Branch Leader GW2

Jan 2013 issue 06

We had a lot of fun in December and early January celebrating WintersDay. Toymaker Tixx had gifts for everyone and there were many fun events to participate in!

We're still holding our 3 weekly guild events. Our Thursday Night Event, a Vista Night has evolved into a Vista/Achievement Event. Let us know if you're trying to finish/complete an area or are working on your achievements, and we'll try to do those on Thursday evening. We're also still doing our weekly Dungeon Run, both Story and Explorable modes, and our WvW Event as well. Everyone is invited to join us!

Countess Seyella

*NOR/CS Branch Leader GW2


Dec 2012 issue 05
gw2Server: Sanctum of Rall (PvE)


We have reached level 4 in all our Guild Upgrades, and level 5 in Architecture, and are now learning the final upgrade to our Guild Bank, the Deep Cave, which will give us an additional 100 bank slots.

We've had several squirings this past month - Squire Pixietigress, Squire Cold Bass, Squire Bighand, Squire Liljojo, Squire Santiagorook, and Squire Bear Dancer! Welcome to our *NOR/ family!

We've completed all the dungeons up to and including the level 76 dungeon, Honor of the Waves as an all-guild group on story-mode, and have started doing explorable mode dungeons as well!

Baroness Seyella

*NOR/BA-Provisional Branch Leader GW2

November 2012 issue 04
gw2Server: Sanctum of Rall (PvE)

Our Guild Wars 2 branch is now a County! We have 2 guild officers, Baroness Brandy and Baron Kellixx(Jara), who were promoted to their positions at our last guild meeting on Nov. 10th.

We've also had several other promotions - Gryymscythe, Warofhell, Alsedel, and Schmexy were all Squired, and Betony and Fulgrimm were promoted to Knight. Congratulations to all!

We have successfully completed the level 60 and 70 dungeons, Sorrow's Embrace and Citadel of Flame on Story Mode as a guild-only group!

We are now Level 4 in all our upgrade categories! Great job earning that influence everyone! I'd like to start using our 48 hour 10% Gathering Bonus on the weekends so that all of us can benefit from it!

In conjunction with our weekly Vista Night we are now starting a Crafting/Harvesting Event, as well as doing our weekly Dungeon Runs and WvW Event!

We all had a lot of fun during the Shadow of the Mad King Event during Halloween. A few guildies were able to complete the Mad King's Clock Tower, a very challenging jumping puzzle. Several of us were able complete quite a few achievements during that event and some even earned the title "Emissary of the Mad King"!


*NOR/BA-Provisional Branch Leader GW2

  • November 11, 2012 Brandy is promoted to Baroness
  • Aug 20, 2012 Seyella is promoted to Baroness by Lady Roxanne
  • Aug 19th 2012, Seyella proposes to establish a provisional barony to the High Council for Guild Wars 2

Officer History

Realm Leader

Lady Roxanne

Branch Leader

Baron Zotash.2138 10/27/2013-
Baroness Brandy 06/13/2013-09/?/2013
Duchess Seyella 08/20/2012-06/13/2013


Baroness Brandy 11/11/2012-06/13/2013 (becomes Branch leader)
Baroness Betony 04/14/2013 - ?
Baron Alsedel 04/15/2013-06/01/2013
Baron Zotash.2138 8-22-2013-10/27/2013 (becomes Branch Leader)

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