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Lasarian on WoW
Name: Lasarian
Rank: Lord
Current Realm: Rift
Office: High Council
Joined: circa 1995
Awards: Golden Aldobora Tree
NOR Family Award
Honors: Founders Medal
Roster: Lasarian
Email: email Lasarian

A member of *NOR/ since 1995, Lasarian was recruited on TSoY by Taggarty and active in the guild until 1998 when he was forced to take an extended LoA for family reasons. That turned into a seven year absence until rejoining *NOR/ on World of Warcraft in 2005 and has been active (for the most part) since that time.

Lasarian was promoted to the High Council in 2008 where he served until 2015.

The Shadow of Yserbius

A player on TSoY since the beginning when the network was still referred to as TSN (The Sierra Network) primarily under name of Ramias, he was active in a guild called <The Shadow Knights>. Ramias had recruited two new players into SK who would later be known as Simba and Taggarty. Sometime in 1995 Taggarty "counter-recruited" Ramias under the name of Caine to *NOR/.


Leave of Absence: 1998 - 2005

Lasarian took a Leave of Absence from *NOR/ citing worsening marital problems. Forswearing online games entirely, he did not so much as own a computer for three years thereafter. He would not play any game online again until late 2004 when he purchased City of Heroes. He wandered from guild to guild for a while, even trying his hand at founding his own but his mind always went back to *NOR/.

Return to *NOR/

In October of 2005 he stumbled across the *NOR/ forums quite by accident and curious, poked his head in on the branch located on the Whisperwind server. He was readmitted to the guild (apparently, having never resigned) and returned the rank of Marquis. In January of 2006 he was asked to serve as the Recruiting Officer by Duchess Cnedran. Later that year when Cnedran announced she would be taking a Leave of Absence the High Council informed Lasarian that the branch was being offered to him should he wish to take it.

World of Warcraft

Feeling as though he had never given *NOR/ his best he viewed accepting the Duchy on WoW as a way to redeem himself to the guild. The branch had been failing for some time and what little remained of the officer corps immediately took LoAs the moment Lasarian took office.

But his persistence paid great dividends for NOR as he spent many night in the town square of Stormwind, talking to people until he began to recruit quality members again. It was the beginning of building the branch into the strongest branch at the time that was active in the guild. It was this effort, and his work with members of the High Council to help NOR evolve with the new gaming communities that brought him to the attention of the High Council members who elevated him to Lord and he stepped into the role of Realm Adviser along with Lady Roxanne.[1]


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Guild Wars 2

Character Lore

The name Lasarian did not come into use until arriving on the Empiriana branch in 1996. His former NOR name, Caine, was unavailable. Therefore the name of a favored AD&D character was used. Leighzarius was the actual name, but that was too long for Empiriana and after a few permutations eventually settled on Lasarian.

Son of Caine, of the House Galabryan, Knight of the Hart, vassal of King Thrommel, Thane of Armoria, Lord of *NOR/.

My father, the late Caine Galabryan, was a Baron of NOR in the kingdom of Yserbius. My mother was Falandra Kinnuen. I took my mother's name in exile as a refugee of Yserbius after the destruction of the mountain to evade my father's enemies.

Many years later, I found Lady Taggarty by fortune in the lands of Empiriana. That is where I was restored to my father's titles in the order.

In my youth, I was trained as a paladin. But my ego and an overlove of drink caused me to break faith with my friends and family. I was bereft of my gifts the by light, thus becoming a fallen paladin.

Offices Held
Preceded by Office Succeeded by
None Baron-at-Large
The Shadow of Yserbius, Evil Way
1995 - 1996
None Baron-at-Large
None Baron
Empiriana, RuneMist Barony
None Count
Empiriana, County Ardghal
Arthur Branch Leader
Cnedran Recruiting Officer World of Warcraft
Cnedran Branch Leader, World of Warcraft
2006 - 2008
Roxanne Co-Realm Leader, World of Warcraft
2008 - 2009
None Realm Leader, Rift
2011 - 2015
Branch Closed
None Co-Realm Leader, Roxanne, Star Wars: The Old Republic
2012 - 2014
None Co-Realm Leader, Roxanne, Guild Wars 2
2012 - 2014

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  1. Added by Gilenrod.
  2. Presumed.