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Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter
Ribbon: NW.png
Server: Dragon Shard
Server Type: Mega- One Server for US&EU
Alignment: N/A
Dates Occupied: March 13th 2013 - Present
Previous Servers: Beholder
Realm Leader: Tundrra
Branch Leader: Phelaia

This branch of the New OutRiders guild is on PC, we do not have a ps4 or Xbox realm of Neverwinter. We have been an active Neverwinter guild since beta and alpha and started recruiting February of 2013. Below you will find contact information for our officers ingame, along with a extensive history of or time in Neverwinter. If you are interested in joining the Neverwinter realm of NOR, Please fill out an application here

Neverwinter Forums Recruitment thread

Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter is a Free to play game with no Subscription options and is currently being lead by Duchess Phelaia.

Officer Hierarchy

Active NW Officers

  • Count/ess:
    • Dlandru@chazandru (11/25/2016) - Present
    • JohnRain@tornomar (10/22/2017) - Present
  • Barons:
    • Hrothnor@Hrothnor (12/17/2013) - Present
    • Ginabean@ginabean (12/08/2014) - Present
    • Bluebutton@abluebutton (01/30/2016) - Present
    • Udokas@buckyone (10/22/2017) - Present

Additional Special Recognition Ranks

Contact Information

In Game

Server: Dragon (previously Beholder)

Do a guild search and see who is online

  • Press the social button
  • Press the guild search tab
  • type "outriders" and if a member is online we will show up in list, if no one is online we wont show up:(
  • send us a PM

Add the Officers to your friends list and PM us in game.

Out of Game

NW Dungeon Masters Group

If you are interested in seeing more of the End game then you will want to visit our raid group page and see how you can get involved in our regular scheduled events.

New Recruit Information

NOMAD realms are designed for existing NOR members only.

  • No active Recruiting or expanding until the game becomes a [provisional branch] or the HC is petitioned.

Some exceptions:

  • Family and friends that are recruited gain the status of "Allies" and in some instance may become members per HC approval.
  • Recruits that transfer to a NOMAD realm and are no longer active in a Active Realm of NOR become Allies status.

Additional Branch Information

We love alts but who is who?

  • By pressing the "G", a guild tool comes up, select the "Officer note filter" on the right and you will see the player's NORname and rank.
  • When Hailing in be sure to let us know who's alt you are if your name is totally different. Example Hail*NOR/Tundrra's Alt

Crafter List

Here is a list of our Level 20 crafters, let us know what you need made and let us know what you can make for the guild.

How do I know what events are coming up?

Branch History

Duchess Phelaia: The Era of Alliances


Feb 2018 issue 56
This month we saw the announcement of the next mod in Neverwinter, "Lost City of Omu." With it comes the continuation of the story in Chult, a new dungeon, tons of new gear, and of course, even bigger dinosaurs with more teeth! Watch the trailer here:

Our little castle is also improving and humming along at a steady pace thanks to the consistent effort of all of our members.

Also about a week ago, a few of us braved Fangbreaker Island again like a bunch of roombas, and by teamwork, decent gear, and a pinch of luck, we actually beat the first boss! Our misadventure is detailed here:

Next month, we shall have more report from the dense jungle of Chult.

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline



Dec 2017 issue 55
Happy Holidays from the Forgotten Realms!

Our guild hall has been making amazing progress thanks to the hard work and generous donations from our members. Most other guilds our size rarely make it this far in the upgrading process. Champion Benn has been our invaluable advisor in what to do, and our Stronghold would not be where it is without him.

This last month also marks a landmark in our dungeon progression runs--we took a full NOR group into one of the endgame dungeons, Master Spellplague Caverns. There are finally enough of us that are geared to take this on. Write up of our heroics is here: Dungeon Journal

The annual Winter Festival returns this week December 14. We can once again take out our sleds and fishing rods, and slay some trolls in the snow!

Until the new year,

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline


Nov 2017 issue 54

Thanks to the hard work of NORbies, our castle is now Rank 14! Champion Benn has been our guide in upgrading the Stronghold, and he's been amazing in figuring out a process that confuses a lot of us. His wisdom has saved us a lot of head-scratching. A member who took a break but recently came back to the Stronghold looked around, and said, "Wow, it's so nice now. The guild hall is all cozy!"

We have a new Count, John Rain! Years ago, Rain came to us from another guild because Tundrra was persistent, and he's been an invaluable asset to NOR. Rain will now share the responsibility of second-in-command with Count Dlandru.

Because of Rain's promotion, we have a new officer, Baron Udokas! Udokas came to us through Rain two years ago, and he's been one of our most active members. He was Knighted about a year ago, and has been rewarded several NOR Commendation Medals for his efforts in running dungeons with veterans and newbies alike.

We now finally have enough people to make a full NOR attempt in the top tier dungeons, and hopefully, we have more heroics to report next month!

Until next month,

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline


  • 2017/10/22 Destroyer steps down from Baron and Udokas is promoted to Baron.
  • 2017/10/22 Rain is promoted to Count from Baron.
Sep 2017 issue 53

We've reached a big milestone this month: Thanks to the generous donations and hard work of NORbies, our Rank 14 castle in Neverwinter is currently baking along with other support structures! The holes in the roof have been patched. The trash has been cleaned up. The shrubbery is trimmed. Even the piranhas in the moat has been fed. It's starting to look like a real home. More importantly, it means that we can build an additional boon structure that benefits everyone. By votes from the NOR forum, we've decided on the Explorer's Guild. Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussions and cast their vote!

There have also been recent changes to older campaigns that now require far fewer doodads to complete. Many of us are taking advantage of the recent in-game events to finish those campaigns.

A couple of NORbies have recently braved the newest dungeon, Tomb of the Nine Gods, where it's full of puzzles and traps. More of us are close to unlocking it. By next month, we should be have small but significant upgrades to report on.

Until next month,

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline


Aug 2017 issue 52

Mod 12 is here! The new zone of Chult is a gorgeous tropical place, complete with a beach that is home to giant crabs. If it wasn't for all the tiny dinosaurs that bite your ankles, the velociraptors that chain-stun you, spiders and scorpions that fall on your face, tigers, lions, and bears that maul you while you dig up treasure, shamans that throw spears at you for fun, and T-Rex's that headbutt you and send you flying while you're just having a nice walk through the woods, this would be a great place to put out a chair and enjoy a tropical drink! If the monsters are red, they hurt even more! That big red spikey T-Rex in the middle of the forest? Unless you have 19 other friends with you, don't let it sniff you out. Oh, and unless you have a boat from Mod 11, try not to fall into the River Soshenstar, because there's fish in there that eat you. Anyone squishier than a Guardian Fighter or a Paladin is highly recommended to run around with a friend in the jungle.

This mod has also been a good chance for a lot of us to catch up on gear by spending campaign currencies that we have accumulated from ages ago. If anyone would like to dust off a toon and come back for a visit, this is a good time to do it.

Until next month,

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline


  • 2017/07/25 Module 12 "Tomb of Annihilation"
July 2017 issue 51

First order or business, we have a new Squire--The Doctor! Please join us in welcoming him into the family of NOR!

The Summer Festival is at its height right now, and many of us are aiming to get a purple level mount that helps us along in the refinement process. It's a great break from the daily grind in the River District.

Speaking of the River District, quite a few people have come back to Neverwinter after a long break of several mods, and the new artifact weapons set that is quite the upgrade for a lot of the returning members. The set is less of a grind than others, and when we help each other out in running the lairs, it's even less of a grind.

As of last week, we've made an attempt in Fangbreaker Island in a full NOR group, and it looks like this dungeon will be quite the uphill climb for us, much like the first third of the dungeon itself. No matter, the frozen Fangbreaker Island is unlikely to thaw before the next time we attempt this uphill climb.

It's about a few days away from the launch of Mod 12: Tomb of Annihilation. We've been busy upgrading our last boon structure to give everyone more hit points, because word has it that even the smallest dinosaurs in the wilderness of Chult, so it will be good to quest in a party. We will report back next month on the many hilarious ways we become the lunch of a T-rex.

Until next month,

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline


June 2017 issue 50

This month is the 4th Anniversary of Neverwinter. Has it really been 4 years? 11 mods later, our little branch here in the Forgotten Realms has grown from not having enough people for even one 5-man dungeon to having multiple dungeon groups on the weekly dungeon night. We have our own castle, complete with a moat that has piranhas in it, which someone mistakenly mail ordered--don't fall in, they bite. We are part of an alliance of guilds that share the same attitude towards helping others, and the alliance regularly hosts events that help everyone gear up. As a branch, we've had our ups and downs in 4 years, but we're still chugging along because we are NOR, and everyone pitches in when the guild calls.

This last month also saw the promotions of Lagen Kindheart to Squire, Ziek to Dungeon Organizer, and Benn Stalkingwolf to Champion. Congrats to all!

July 25th will be the launch of Mod 12: Tomb of Annihilation. So far, reports from those who've spent a little time on the preview server indicates that the new zone is not a cakewalk. It has dinosaurs, everywhere.  ;-)

Until next month,

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline


May 2017 issue 49
The current mod saw the introduction of loadouts. This means that one can have two different specs for their characters, and deploy each spec depending on the situation. This is a boon to all of us, but especially for those of us who play more of a support role in dungeons but have a hard time questing. Many of us are also trying our hands at a different playstyle. Now we can all have our cake and eat it too!

We've also made our first foray into two of the hardest endgame dungeons in the game: Fangbreaker Island and Spellplague. While the fights in there were a bit slow, but it was pretty smooth kind of slow. The write ups are on our section of the NOR forum. We haven't quite finished these dungeons as full NOR groups yet, but now some of us have some concrete reasons to gear up even further.

Our guild hall has finally opened its doors, and we now can try our hands at playing interior decorator. Many of the decorations can be purchased with guild marks that we can earn by donating to the guild's coffer. In time, we'll have a fireplace, banners, and table cloths!

Until next month,

Duchess Phelaia


Apr 2017 issue 48

Thanks to the valiant efforts of our members, our Guild Hall is now Level 12. This unlocks the Masterwork profession for those who are plan on craftiong Masterwork weapons and gear. We've also built a little Warehouse to store more goodies for future upgrades.

Here in Neverwinter, a lot of us are working through the new campaign in Mod 11: The Cloaked Ascendancy. We're very close to being able to making our first progression run to the new Spellplague dungeon, and we will update as soon as we can get a full NOR group for a run.

The next mod has also been announced:

Until next month,

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline


Mar 2017 issue 47

This month saw the launch of Mod 11: The Cloaked Ascendancy! There is a new zone to campaign in, and a new campaign system. The dailies offers more options than it used to, and so far the feedback has been pretty good. This mod also brings the remastered version of an old favorite dungeon, the Spellplague Caverns. None of us have made it in yet, and we will report back when we get a NOR group in there.

This mod also brought back an old type of skirmish that used to happen only once a year around April Fools. This time it's called the Illusionist's Gambit skirmish, a randomized sewer dungeon. Be prepared to fight anything and everything, such as a swarm of pinatas or mimics while you're skating on ice, or being sprayed by fire, or with little gravity, or being turned into a chicken!

Currently we're on the very edge of upgrading our Guild Hall to Level 12. Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the 2X Influence weekend and contributed by doing lots of Heroic Encounters in the Stronghold! Once we get Guild Hall 12, it'll be time to work on further upgrades on our boon structures.

We've also welcomed new Squires Effective_Animal and Kamikaze!! They've both been active players in the branch, and they're fun to be with.  :-)

Until next month,

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline


  • 2017/02/21 Module 11 "The Cloaked Ascendancy"
Feb 2017 issue 46

At this writing, we are about 2/3 way to the next upgrade of our guild hall in Neverwinter. A big thank you to all of you who came on and did influence runs!!

This week is Double XP, and many of us have dusted off a dust-covered alt or two or three and taken them for spins.

Mod 11: The Cloaked Ascendancy launches on Tuesday 2/21. This mod promises a new skirmish called Illusionist's Gambit, and the return of an old favorite dungeon Spellplague. The leveling version of Spellplague is same as the old one, while the epic version features new monsters, bosses, fight mechanics, environments, and of course, new loot. The artifact weapon sets of this upcoming mod will not have a higher item level than the old ones, but it will give you different stats and buffs to suit individual play styles. There will also be a new questing system, and the word from the forums is that this campaign should be less grindy than previous campaigns. That's all Outriders. May all your treasures be legendary, and even mythical.

Honor to the Guild!!!

Count Dlandru


Jan 2017 issue 45

Most of you may know that I am back and aggressively playing again as I have a couple of months to catch up on. Long work hours kept me away, but I am very happy to once again be able to play. We have a couple new Recruits, Bones is now 70 and is chugging along through the mess that are/is Boon zones:) And Baron Dru has stepped up and taken on a very important role with NOR in Neverwinter, that of a Realm Leader. His charm and wit are sure to prove interesting:) I believe that Phel and Dru will help guide NOR in NW to great things. Oh and Tyr? Sorry, I, uhm, drank the tankard I had for you at the Driftwood. What? I got thirsty:)

Our Alliance has changed some members, and we now are full again with some new guilds and Alliance activity has grown as a result. Had some amazing runs with our alliance today and hopefully some more later this evening.

On to Dungeon Chest changes.....

This was heralded on the forums as a bad thing and in a way it could be viewed as such, but I think they added an element of surprise that was lacking. You used to be able to view the contents of a chest before actually accepting the contents. Now a confirmation window appears asking if you want to use the key (whatever key is used for that chest) by clicking yes or no. You may still get nothing, or you may hit a lick!:)

Today, at the chest(s) in Castle Never...with the daily Epic Key I yanked out a Ring of Rising Lifesteal +5! At the chest that requires a Dragon Key, I pulled an Aranea. Yes, thats right! An Epic Level Aranea!

Each zone has different rewards that may show up in the chest such as an Energon which is an Epic Companion (Controller) from the Dread Ring Skirmish. Wanna know what drops? Gotta log in and check the collections page using Ctrl+J and scrolling down to Zone Rewards, choosing an area (Dread Ring, Sharandar, etc...)

Some of the gear is great but with some side effects such as arm pieces that do extra damage but at a cost...lets hope you have alot of Gold.... Some have no useful stats but jack your HP by 40k, you'll have to see it:)

In addition to gear companions are dropping as well, see my Aranea (which I'm still stoked about!) Mounts are dropping as well.

All in all, I think this was a good change that makes this mod, Storm Kings Thunder PT2, a little more bearable. Now if I can find 4 more Dragonturtle Moults....

Happy Gaming NOR!

Grandee Rain



Dec 2016 issue 44

November 8 saw the launch of the second half of Mod 10, "Storm King's Thunder: Sea of Moving Ice." The new campaign is set in a new zone of Icewind Dale, and for the first time, we get in our little boats and sail across the frozen sea in long as you don't run into a Heroic Encounter where you get tossed by a Dragon Turtle!

These last two months have also been a time when our members were able to make significant upgrades to their artifact armor and weapon sets Harder dungeons such as Epic Cragmire and Grey Wolf Den are still no cakewalk, but they are no longer impossible even for the average geared NORbies.

Recently, Count Tyrandil has stepped down from his post, and Baron Dlandru has stepped up to fill the post. Let's thank Tyrandil for his 3 years of service, and let's congratulate Dlandru in stepping up!

December 15 is the launch of the annual Winter Festival! The Winter Festival give you little gifts which you can only open when in a party. We usually plan a large gift exchange sometime around New Year's Eve, and if past years are any indication, we all get a lot of swag.  ;-)

Duchess Phelaia


Aug 2016 issue 42

The month of August saw the launch of Mod 10, Storm King's Thunder. With it comes a new campaign set in Icewind Dale, a new hardest-ever dungeon with a 3100 minimum item level requirement(!), and some fairly extensive changes to the Guardian Fighter, Hunter Ranger, and Scourge Warlock classes. The mod launched less than a week ago, so we haven't really had time to explore the new content, but it looks like there is enough there to keep things interesting for quite some time.

Rain is taking a break from officer duties, due to increased responsibilities in the real world. (A new job!) He did a great job as an officer in the Neverwinter branch, and Duchess Phelaia, Lord Tundrra, and everyone else in the Neverwinter branch is grateful for his service. Rain, you're welcome to resume active duty any time you want -- and congratulations on your new job!

We also hit our latest Stronghold target: building a Stable and upgrading it to Rank 4. This allows everyone in the guild to add an extra 2,000 Armor Penetration to their stats (which is a lot). We're currently upgrading our Guild Hall to the next level. The next long-term goal is to unlock a third boon structure; probably a Barracks, which will allow everyone to add lots of raw Power to their stats. (This will be more useful to players with very high-end characters who already have enough Armor Penetration to ignore all monster armor.)

Till September,

Count Tyrandil


July 2016 issue 41

The biggest news for Neverwinter in the past two months is the implementation of formal guild alliances. Guilds are now able to ally with up to 12 other guilds to form grand alliances. Not wanting to miss out on the fun and opportunity, after careful consideration, we joined the Tuxedo T-Shirt Alliance.

So, what is life in Neverwinter like now that we belong to this alliance? Some of the biggest changes:

We now have an overflowing pool of eager, friendly, and talented people to join us in the largest multiplayer content. 40-player Dragonflight runs, where we fight and defeat four dragons simultaneously? We do it weekly now. 25-player Tiamat runs? Also weekly. It's been a pleasure to see these big runs coming together on a regular basis with such easygoing, competent, cooperative, and friendly people. A vastly increased pool of resources for stronghold construction. While there are no expected or required donations from anyone - worth repeating - there are not expected or required donations from anyone - the alliance has evolved an informal tradition of voluntarily earning and donating Influence for a different member guild each Wednesday. (Influence is a critical resource for building the stronghold, is labor-intensive to earn, and is always in short supply.) This started out as a way to help out the smallest member guilds, and there are so many players who contribute across the alliance - over 100 - that it really gives the spotlight guild a shot in the arm. This is the sort of generous ethic we prize in NOR, and it's really cool to see it being valued in the alliance we belong to. Thanks to the relative ease with which we can conquer the toughest massive content now (i.e. Dragonflight), many of us have earned our Dragonflight armor now. Which is good, because... ...Mod 10, Big Nasty Giants Who Smash Things In Another Corner of R.A. Salvatore's World* is just around the corner, bringing with it a brand-new dungeon featuring what is promised to be the most difficult content ever seen in this game, plus a brand-new set of best-in-slot armor. (Just in time to obsolete the Dragonflight stuff, lol.) Mod 10 will also feature significant reworks of the Hunter Ranger, Guardian Fighter, and Scourge Warlock classes, which the devs promise will allow for a more diverse selection of effective builds and playstyles.

  • Not actual title
See you in Bryn Shandar,

Count Tyrandil *NOR/CT NW

  • 2016/08 Module 10 Storm King's Thunder
  • 2016/06/18 Kermit returns to active officer status, as a Baron role.
  • 2016/06/10 Guild Hall level 9
  • 2016/05/23 Alliance made with Tuxedo T-shirts.
NORnews May 2016 issue 40

We have added a weekly Tiamat raid to our schedule of regular events. Every Wednesday night at 7:00 Pacific (10:00 Eastern), we get together, as a branch, to tackle the 25-player Tiamat raid. This is the largest raid content Neverwinter currently has to offer, and this (along with the Dragonflight multi-dragon fight on Friday nights) allows us to get everyone together for one massive, coordinated fight. It's a lot of fun.

In addition to our Wednesday and Friday raid nights, our branch has a day set aside for messing around together with little-used alts (Awkward Alt Tuesday) and a day set aside for improving the Stronghold (Stronghold Saturday).

Speaking of the Stronghold: between the generosity and hard work of our members (several of whom have donated significant amounts of their time and/or treasure) and some easing of the upgrade requirements by the devs, it's been humming along recently. After months of anticipation, we finally build the Rank 4 Marketplace, and with it, we unlocked the much-lusted-after Dragonflight armor set. We are well on our way to meeting our next goal, which is upgrading the Guild Hall to Rank 9 (it's at Rank 8 right now), which will allow us to build a second guildwide-stat-bonus-generating boon structure!

Something else that has been humming along: recruiting! We welcomed several new recruits to the guild in the past week, thanks in large part to the dedicated effort of our newest officer, Dlandru. A special shout-out to him, and to our new recruits (some of whom have already been squired): Jhon Snow, Xycat, DwarfFriend, ManuelQuarks, Tiani! A hearty welcome, also to returning NOR officers Llira, Tempest, and Gwenivieve!

Last but not least, the developers are working on a formal in-game guild alliance system. It's currently being tested on the preview server, and several of the larger and more prominent guilds in Neverwinter are openly discussing potential alliances already. Duchess Phelaia has her ear to the ground, has already scouted out some guilds that might be a good fit for an alliance, and is sending out feelers to see if there is mutual interest. Stay tuned for more in the next newsletter!

Best regards,

Count Tyrandil

  • 2016/03/28 Guild Hall level 8
  • 2016/03/28 Dkandru becomes Baron
  • 2016/03/15 Module 9 The Maze Engine
NORnews March 2016 issue 38

Want to play a little Three-Dragon Monte? The rules are simple: just kill three epic-powered dragons, all within a minute of each other, before the ten-minute timer of the Dragonflight event runs out. Of course, that's easier said than done -- but on March 4, 2016,we did it for the first time! This major accomplishment is the fruit of weeks of careful planning on the guild forum and required close communication and coordination between fifteen guildmates working in three separate teams in different areas of the map.

This was a very satisfying accomplishment in its own right, but it also opens the door to dramatically faster progression toward the high-powered Dragonflight armor that will soon become available from the guild Stronghold. Each dragon you kill during the event drops a fang (and the first fang is locked in a lockbox that requires a purchased key to open), and you need lots of fangs to buy the Dragonflight armor. Being able to kill three dragons each time we hold the event effectively doubles how quickly people can earn fangs without buying keys. And that's important because we expect to unlock the Dragonflight armor very soon, thanks to some welcome changes coming in the upcoming Module 9.

Module 9: The Maze Engine is slated for release on March 15, 2016, and the devs have been dribbling out a steady stream of tidbits about what to expect. Here are some of the highlights:

Mounts are getting a complete overhaul! They will grant a variety of buffs and powers to their owners, and you will be able to customize their performance and appearance. (Finally, my paladin can ride a white horse!) A dramatic reduction in Stronghold upgrade costs, plus easier ways to earn Stronghold resources! This is specifically designed to help smaller guilds (like us) make progress upgrading their Stronghold, and it's one of the things we are most looking forward to. More dungeons! Epic Castle Never is returning after a long absence (it's been "undergoing renovations" since Module 6), and so are four more normal-difficulty dungeons: Caverns of Karrundax, Frozen Heart, Pirate King's Retreat, and Cloak Tower. A new and improved queue system that, for the first time, allows groups of up to 25 players (increased from five) to join the same event simultaneously. This is huge for us -- it means that, for the first time, we can do the biggest raid events like Tiamat and Demogorgon as an all-NOR group!

Best regards,

Count Tyrandil *NOR/CT:NW

NORnews Feb 2016 issue 37

In February, Count Kermit stepped down as branch leader due to real-life time commitments. Countess Phelaia stepped forward to take his place as the leader of the Neverwinter branch and was raised to the rank of Duchess. Phelaia has been with the Neverwinter branch since the game was in beta testing, and has been an officer for almost as long. She is universally liked and respected, and brings patience, wisdom, maturity, and a deep knowledge of every aspect of the game to her duties. (Full disclosure: I'm her husband.) Congratulations to Duchess Phelaia!

February also saw the addition of three outstanding players to our officer corps: Bluebutton, Destroyer, and John Rain. Bluebutton was recruited by Phelaia over a year ago; Destroyer came to us when the Battle Magic guild merged with our branch; and John Rain was one of the first people to join us from the Tyr's Palladium guild. Each of them regularly contributes to the branch in every way: forming groups and leading play, chatting in guild chat, contributing thoughtfully on the forums, giving resources to the guild bank and the guild stronghold, and so much more. Congratulations to Baroness Bluebutton, Baron Destroyer, and Baron John Rain!

On the gameplay front, our guild cracked another difficult Tier 2 dungeon wide open in February: most of our rank-and-file guild members have now completed Epic Cragmire Crypts, a dungeon that was all but impossible to complete legitimately when it (re-)launched with Mod 6 in March 2015. Baroness Bluebutton in particular was behind the push to get more people to go to Cragmire, and her work (if you can call something that fun "work") helping to lead Cragmire expeditions and writing up the results on the guild forum has really paid off!

We also made continued progress upgrading our guild stronghold, thanks to the tireless efforts and generous contributions of so many of our guild members. We upgraded our Wizard's Workshop to Rank 3 and our Guild Hall to Rank 6. In addition to the global stat bonuses to our characters and the snazzier appearance of our in-game home, these upgrades are some of the final steps to unlocking our access to the coveted Dragonflight armor set.

We also expect future stronghold upgrades to start coming faster and more easily, since the developers just announced a bunch of changes coming in Mod 9 that will make stronghold upgrades much cheaper (like, 50%-90% cheaper) and that will open up new sources for contributions to the stronghold, most notably the currently-kind-of-useless in-game professions. Long-standing players who have "Leadership armies" that were rendered more or less defunct with the removal of Astral Diamond generation from Leadership will rejoice to learn that Leadership can be used to produce Astral Diamonds directly for the Stronghold (though not for personal use).

That was a lot. But a lot happened these past few months. And what's coming up over the next few months looks good! Things are looking up for the Neverwinter branch!

Best regards,

Count Tyrandil *NOR/CT:NW

  • 2016/01/30 BlueButton becomes Baroness
  • 2016/01/30 Destroyer becomes Baron
  • 2016/01/30 JohnRain becomes Baron
  • 2016/01/30 Tyrandil is promoted from Baron to Count.
  • 2016/01/22 Phelaia is promoted to Neverwinter Branch Leader.

Count Kermit: Preparing for the Long Winter


  • 2016/01/15 Kermit steps down from Branch Leader.


NORnews Nov 2015 issue 35

The month of October saw the return of the Masquerade of Liars, one of Neverwinter's many seasonal festivals. Jack o' Lanterns and scarecrows decorated Protector's Enclave and illusionists traveled the grounds disguised as iconic monsters and villains from Neverwinter. Players collected Liar's Charms and traded them for scarecrow companions, black-and-orange dye packs, and even a low-level artifact appropriate for leveling characters.

The Neverwinter Branch knocked down the last unconquered dungeon this month when Bucky, Hector, Phelaia, Rain, and Tyrandil defeated Traven Blackdagger, the boss of the revamped-and-much-harder Epic Cragmire Crypts dungeon. With Blackdagger's defeat, all of the currently existing epic dungeons and skirmishes have been completed by 100% NOR groups.

The Neverwinter branch also mastered the Epic Temple of the Spider Tier 2 dungeon this month (Tier 2 is the highest tier so far), to the point where most of our regular players have been able to repeatedly and reliably complete it to earn high-level gear. It's been a pleasure watching all-NOR groups regularly completing such a difficult dungeon most every night.

We also upgraded our Stronghold's Wizard's Workshop to Rank 2 this month, raising the amount of bonus hit points granted to everyone in the guild by this structure to 6,400. Not insignificant when most of our non-tank players normally top out at 80-90K HP. We couldn't have built this upgrade without generous contributions of time and in-game currency from all of our members. It's been really awesome to watch everyone chip in for the good of the guild as a whole.

This is all just in time for Module 8: Underdark to launch on November 17, bringing new challenges and opportunities with it!

In this upcoming expansion, we’re introducing new replayable content, the ability to visually preview gear, a new campaign, the markets of Mantol-Derith, a new Stronghold plot location, a new Stronghold PvP tower, a massive rework of the Tarmalune Tradebar Store, a large-scale battle against the Prince of Demons: Demogorgon, and quests written by R.A. Salvatore!

Best regards,

Baron Tyrandil *NOR/BA:NW

  • 2015/11/17 Module 8 Underdark
NORnews Oct 2015 issue 34

The past month has been relatively quiet for the Neverwinter branch, compared to the excitement that accompanied the launch of the Strongholds mod. Work has continued apace on building the guild stronghold, but real-life issues and server problems sidelined several of our regular players this month, so progress was slower. Some highlights:

Count Kermit has stepped into the branch leadership role, with Lord Tundrra taking an advisory position. Congratulations Kermit! We just completed construction on the Wizard's Workshop in the guild stronghold. The Wizard's Workshop (at level 1) grants 3,200 extra hit points to everyone in the guild. Each additional upgrade adds another 3,200 hit points on top of that, to a maximum of +32,000 HP at level 10. Not bad considering that most characters top out around 80-90K hit points. The developers made a major change to how the key currency for the in-game economy, the Astral Diamond (AD), is earned. Up until now, the primary way to earn AD without paying real money was through your character's professions. This was a little pop-up menu that started tasks that ran in the background for most of the day; when they finished, you got a small amount of AD. You could do this with every toon you had, and there was a way to pool all of your AD if one toon needed to make a big purchase. No more: the developers did away with earning AD through professions. Now the only way to earn AD is to run dungeons, skirmishes, PvP, another end-game content. Of course, there are other ways to get AD that the developers (or rather, the shareholders of Perfect World, which owns the company that employs the developers) would like you to consider. *Rubs index finger and thumb together and raises an eyebrow meaningfully.*

It's still too early to know what the full effect of this change will be. Since *everyone* in the game has had the AD spigot turned off, prices on the auction house have fallen. On the other hand, there are several things you need to buy directly from the game with AD, and the prices of those things have generally not been adjusted. We'll continue monitoring the economy.

Best regards,

Baron Tyrandil *NOR/BA:NW

  • 2015/09/27 Kermit is promoted to Branch Leader and resumes Count rank.

Duke Bammer: The year of the Hammer


NORnews Sept 2015 issue 33

This was a month of rapid growth and renewed energy for the Neverwinter branch of the New Outriders guild. Interest in joining guilds is at a high and new applications are rolling in almost faster than our officers can find and tag the recruits. Several friendly, enthusiastic, and all-around high-quality people have joined in the past month, and several more friendly, enthusiastic, and all-around high-quality people have come back to Neverwinter after a hiatus. Guild chat is humming with conversation and there are typically one to two groups running dungeons every night.

The big new event in Strongholds is the Greed of the Dragonflight event, which is Neverwinter's first true guild raid content. Up to 40 players take on up to 4 dragons simultaneously within a 10-minute time limit. Kill one dragon and the others flee within a minute, so it isn't possible to move in a horde from dragon to dragon: the guild has to decide how many dragons it wants to attempt, and attack them simultaneously. It requires close coordination, communication, careful team-building, and great teamwork, and it's a blast!

We currently have biweekly scheduled raids that tend to draw an average of 20 people, and enough people are on every night that we can usually launch informal pick-up attacks on one dragon every night. So far we can just beat two dragons (the red one and the green one) within the time limit. But we can - and will, if this rate of recruitment continues - add up to 20 more people and eventually tackle all four dragons simultaneously. Sound like fun? Start an account (it's free!) and give Neverwinter a try! Uncle Tundrra wants you!

Building the guild stronghold has also been a great source of energy and excitement in the branch, and everyone has pitched in to help. The players with more resources have been generous with those resources, but the number one contribution needed - and made - has been time spent doing the heroic encounters, epic dungeons, and other tasks needed for the resources. The abandoned guild hall is being repaired and workers and life are returning. Rubble is being removed. Lights are going back up. There's a fountain in the courtyard. We've built and upgraded a quarry, a sawmill, a mine, and a marketplace.

What does this mean in game terms? Well, we're aiming to get the stronghold up to rank 8 (this month, we raised it from rank 1 to rank 4 already) so we can all acquire the new BiS "guild" weapon set. We're also aiming to get the marketplace up to rank 4 so we can buy the BiS "dragonflight" armor set with the currency we've been earning from the Dragonflight event. Finally, we're about to start building our first "boon" structure, a building that will grant powerful stat bonuses to everyone in the guild. Building and upgrading these "boon" structures will benefit everyone in the guild, new and old, weak and powerful alike.

All in all, it's a great time to be playing Neverwinter in NOR!

Best regards,

Baron Tyrandil *NOR/BA:NW

NORnews Aug 2015 issue 32

This month saw the launch of Module 7 for Neverwinter. This mod added all kinds of goodies and love for guilds, the chiefest of which is an entire new zone exclusively for our guild, complete with a castle! The entire guild is involved in completing quests, dungeons, heroic encounters, and sundry other tasks to earn the resources needed to turn a dilapidated old ruin into a shining fortress exclusively for the New Outriders!

The new mod is very conducive to group play with guildmates. Since only guild members are allowed to enter the new zone, and since there is only one instance of said zone, literally everyone in the guild who enters that area will appear on the map together. This makes getting huge teams together for heroic encounters a cinch, and we have been doing that every night. It has been very exciting to watch the entire Neverwinter branch pull together to build the stronghold, and it has never been easier for all of us to connect and play together, regardless of level, gear score, or player skill.

This module also comes with Neverwinter's first true guild raid content, in the form of a multiple-dragon fight in the stronghold zone that is likely to take at least 20 players working in concert to defeat. This is a substantial improvement over Module 5's Tiamat fight, which was a 20-player fight, but which suffered from coordination problems that made it virtually impossible to team up with your guildmates to do. No such problems here!

As if all that wasn't enough, the developers have made leveling easier and have made the stronghold content accessible to low and mid level characters, as well as characters making the ascent from (former maximum) level 60 to (new maximum) level 70.

Several players who have been on hiatus have returned, our recruitment rate has gone way up, and there's a sense of freshness and excitement in the air. The last time the game felt this fun was launch.

In short: Best. Mod. Ever.

If you've been toying with the idea of trying Neverwinter, there has never been a better time to try it than now.

Best regards,

Baron Tyrandil *NOR/BA:NW

RAID INFO: We are currently running the event Wednesdays and Fridays, please reserve your spot early on the forums so we can pre-plan the groups for quicker set up times.

There was also some questions about Fangs after Fridays Raid, here are the things we have learned:

We only get a Fang if we kill 2 dragons. Killing 1 dragon gives us a strongbox with 2 fangs in it, but requires a key. 40 players total can attend, but no more then 20 per dragon. every 2hours a 5min window will appear to start the event, so we have to be ready early, or we will miss the timer. 10min timer on the full event.

  • 2015/08/11 Module 7 Strongholds
  • 08/?/2015 Bammer steps down from Branch Leader
NORnews July 2015 issue 31

This past month saw the Neverwinter branch rise to the challenge of the much more difficult revised epic dungeons and skirmishes of Mod 6. Most of us now have at least one character at level 70 and have begun collecting the level 70 gear necessary to have at least a fighting chance in there. We have also had to revise our strategies thanks to the much higher difficulty and the introduction of the Paladin class -- the old days of steamrolling everything are over, and each fight now requires careful strategy and close coordination.

We have now cleared all of the "new and improved" epic Tier 1 dungeons (which were the latest and most challenging dungeons back in Mod 5): - Lair of Lostmauth (April 28, 2015) - Valindra's Tower (May 18, 2015) - Malabog's Castle (May 24, 2015)

We also cleared the Kessell's Retreat epic skirmish on May 22, 2015.

While we have had guild groups make it to the very end of some of the "new and improved" epic Tier 2 dungeons, so far nobody has been able to knock off the extremely difficult boss fights. But that just means we still have a common goal to work towards!

In other news, Cryptic has begun releasing tidbits about the next mod, Strongholds, and it looks like it's going to be a very guild-friendly mod, with a strong focus on cooperative play and everyone in the guild contributing time and resources to capture, restore, and expand a fortress for the guild's very own!

Best regards,

Baron Tyrandil *NOR/BA:NW

  • 2015/04/07 Module 6 Elemental Evil
NORnews feb 2015 issue 28

The month of January came and went in the blink of an eye. With the ending days of the last expansion, and the seemingly endless grind, wearing some down. It’s been a very slow month for news! We are still having a few recruits joining us from the latest guild merger, so we have a little excitement every now and then! We have had a couple of old alliances, reach out to us to rekindle our friendships.

The developers’ huge announcement that our latest content update, Mod 6, will be released on March 17th, couldn’t come at a better time! Check out the latest info here . Some major changes coming to all classes, and the addition of a new player class, the Paladin, as well as new zones to play in and explore! There are also a few more new dungeons to get through as well. We are very happy for the upcoming module! I for one, will be looking forward to letting you all know how awesome the new content is! That’s all for now folks, I hope you all are having a quiet winter!

We did reach the maximum number of toons a guild can have, so we did have to detag characters that were over a year old.

Count Bammer

*NOR/CT:Branch Leader Neverwinter

NORnews jan 2015 issue 27
With the month of December came the return of the Winter Festival! (Ignore for the moment that the game is called Neverwinter.) Guildmates had a fun time ice fishing, fighting the Monsters on Ice(tm), and caroming down the ice slalom on sleds, mounts, their bare feet, and even seated on thrones(!)

Best of all was the guild-wide Simril gift exchange that took place on New Year's Day. What was that, you ask? Well, each day during the Winter Festival, each of your characters could pick up a free Simril gift. This is an item that, when used, generates free items for your entire party, including the potential for epic-quality items. It also releases a nifty paper lantern into the sky. The catch? You can't use it on yourself; you have to give it away to someone else! So what better way to use your accumulated store of Simril gifts than in a mass giftstravaganza with everyone else in NOR? On New Year's Eve, our characters binged on Simril lightwine, set off an armory's worth of lightbeams and iceworks, released a glowing armada of paper lanterns into the night sky, and gave each other a ton of loot. The event was very well-attended; in fact, most of the active branch members were there, and it was so popular that we held an encore gift exchange the following Wednesday! Kud os to Knight Santhus and Baron Nors for conceiving the idea!

Aside from the Winter Festival, we have been busy fighting our way through the Rise of Tiamat expansion, with its centerpiece 25-player boss fight against the titular dragon goddess Tiamat. Several guildmates earned their artifact-quality off-hand weapons, completing their artifact main-and-off-hand weapon sets. Some have even earned the artifact-cloak-belt trifecta, earning massive amounts of nerd cred (and potentially incurring massive amounts of astral diamond debt to power up said trifecta to legendary quality). And while Cryptic still hasn't fixed the sloppy job they did implementing this content and we still can't enter the fight in a group with each other(!!!), the player community has devised an acceptable workaround that basically involves everyone hitting the button to enter the fight at the same time. It's still rare for us to even get a 5-member group in at the same time, but we can usually enter in twos and threes now. Usually.

The Neverwinter branch continued to grow over this past month, as more recruits continued to trickle in from Battle Magic. We even had some guild applications this month that related positive experiences with our guild members as the motivation for joining. A special shout-out to Baron Hrothnor in this regard -- way to represent NOR!

Big news from the devs! They just announced the release of mod 6! It should coincide with the next D&D release! Paladin announced as our newest class! This is exciting news, and I will add a bit more each month in our newsletter!

Best regards,

Baron Tyrandil & Count Bammer *NOR/BA:NW & *NOR/CT:Branch Leader Neverwinter


NORnews dec 2014 issue 26

The annual Winter Festival has arrived in Neverwinter on the tail of the new Raid Fight Taimat! The Tiamat fight its self has been pretty fun with great highend Artifact Gear to win. However it has not been guild friendly as we first hoped, at the moment when entering the raid zone with your groupmates and guild everyone is thrown in different instances making it almost impossible to regroup. Rumor has it, it is a known bug and will be fixed...we will see. Even with the bug the new zone and content is always a welcomed addition.

For those that missed our recent realm meeting, many awards were handed out and some notable promotions were recieved. Most importantly Count Bammer now rules the Neverwinter Realm as Branch Leader. Bringing with him new a Baron and Baroness Nors and Ginabean. Please congratulate our recent officers and help Bammer keep our Neverwinter the best!


*NOR/LD:RL Neverwinter

  • 2014/12/08 Nors becomes Baron
  • 2014/12/08 Gina becomes Baroness
  • 2014/12/08 Bammer becomes Branch Leader of Neverwinter.
  • 2014/12/08 Tundrra steps down from Branch Leader.
  • 2014/11/18 Module 5 Rise of Tiamat
  • 2014/11/06 guild Battle Magic merges with NOR.
NORnews 11/17/2014 issue 25

What a exciting time for us in Neverwinter! You may have noticed several new faces online this past week, which is the result of a merger of 16+ members from the guild Battle Magic joining our ranks. We want to thank their guild leader Ginabean for leading her players to us, as well the all NOR members that helped made it possible. Without the leadership of Counts Bammer & Phelaia this would not have been possible.

In just a few days, Nov 18th, Module 5 will launch bringing the "Rise of Tiamat" to the shores of the sword coast! A new Jewelcrafting profession for crafting rings and necklaces! A 25 player fight with the mother dragon/hydra Tiamat!

For those of you not keeping up with the currency tab changes on public test server, you may be unaware that most currencies (bounties, seals, campaign/event items) are being changed from an item in your currency tab inventory, to a numeric counter, like ad, gold, black ice, etc. read more... (Thanks Kermit)

Trickster Rouge and Cleric changes There are so many changes, its hard for me to keep up with them all! But at least it does seem some nice things are in store for TR's. Not to mention DC's as more... (Thanks Rain!)


*NOR/LD:RL Neverwinter

  • 2014/09/06 Bammer is promoted from Baron to Count.
  • 2014/08/21 Kermit becomes acting Baron with a previous Viscount rank.
  • 2014/08/14 Module 4 Tyranny of Dragons
NORnews 08/23/14 issue 23

Tomorrow we will be having our 2nd guild realm meeting, Monday the 25th of August at 10pm est. We will be meeting in some cozy spot in the summer festival.

Module 4 "tyranny of dragons" has launched and the annual summer festival is in full swing! The most recent Module is a little different then previous content launch. This time we received a campaign daily quests that are spread out from level 30-60, this is the first lower level expansion. Also, once unlocked we get access to a new epic dungeon and epic skirmish. One the best added features are the handful of Heoric Encounter (world bosses) Dragons that we get to battle as a guild! One thing that this Module did lack was no new full zone areas, instead they added to areas to existing zones.

Find yourself detagged? Sorry! We are having a recruit purge, so recruits that have gone MIA for more the 90 days we are removing you for the Ingame roster. This is due to the amount of account hacks that go on and we want to prevent any unnecessary inactive recruit accounts tampering with the guild. Also this will clean up the guild tthe guild tool a little. However if you find your self back Ingame give us a shout and we will get you reGuilded.

Lord Tundrra

*NOR/LD-Realm Leader of Neverwinter

Duke Tundrra: Building a Kingdom


NORnews 07/20/14 issue 22

We had a bit of a dramatic month for our branch, but good news Cryptic was able to rectify most of it. For those that weren't aware Tundrra's account was hacked and being the branch leader his toons had full access to the bank wiping it completely. Cryptic was able to do a full rollback for the personal toons recovering everything on the account. However the guild bank being a public space a roll back was impossible. Since we were able to screenshot the bank records of the items stolen most of the high end items were manually replaced by Cryptic. So a warning to all members if you get a email that a new pc has requested a PIN number, change your password ASAP!

We are just a couple weeks a way for some new content!! Module 4 "Tyranny of Dragons" launches Aug 14th. So far they have announced the new class Scourge Warlock and the forums have been pretty positive about its test server game play. The rest of the new content has been pretty quiet on the official front. However, Kermit has found a few things and has posted about them on the forums. Such as a new skirmish and new dungeon coming, along with a possible character race change token.

Lord Tundrra

*NOR/LD: Realm Leader : Neverwinter

  • 2014/07/01 Nimm steps down from active officer.
NORnews 06/15/14 issue 21

Module 3: Curse of Icewind Dale brought a lot of great new recruits to the guild! It's been great seeing so many on in the evenings! Do do the generosity of our members and new recruits we have purchased 3 new guild bank tabs this past month. A special shout to Grymm for is major donations!

Icewind dale brought some new world PvP mechanics as well as a PvP campaign system, which has peaked some extra interest of our members. So much so that we are expanding! To help with this expansion the officers are looking for members who would like to help rebuild the NW:DMG. Squire Knight Protector Santhus is bringing us a weekly Wednesday PvP campaign night! Also Thursday nights I will add a World PvP session to go along with a Heroic Encounter group!

Lord Tundrra

*NOR/LD: Realm Leader : Neverwinter

NORnews 05/2014 issue 20

The Curse of Icewind Dale launched last week bringing the third content update to Neverwinter. One of the major new mechanics is the introduction of Heroic Encounters (HE). The Epic HE's can take 10 players to defeat them. Starting Thursday Tundrra will organize as many guild mates that are interested to seek these monsters out and defeat them for their purple drops and Black Ice. We jump from instance to instance until we had our fill.

Dungeon nights slowed down a bit this past week as members started exploring the new zones. However thanks to our brave adventures we have added the completion of Castle Never to our long list of victories. Module 3 as also brought us Dungeon Keys, so be sure to have your free daily one in your inventory before heading out on your next Dungeon Crawl so you no longer need to wait for dungeon hour to unlock the chest at the end. With the release of the new Black Ice gear a new progression post on our forums was added to help us keep track of the new Epic Skirmish and Epic Heroic Encounters.

Many players have really enjoyed the new world pvp aspects of the game so be on the lookout for a growing number of pvp guild groups in the evenings!

Assets on Loan and epic weapons

Lord Tundrra

*NOR/LD: Realm Leader : Neverwinter

  • 2014/05/13 Module 3 Curse of Icewind Dale
NORnews 4/2014 issue 19

ESo has launched and we are still here and active! When ever a new game comes out all of our branches will see a fluctuation in numbers as always. We lost maybe 5 players to our brothers and sisters at arms over on Elder Scrolls Online, but have found many new recruits since.

With module 3 "Curse of Icewind Dale" launching on May 13th many of us are excited about some new features. Myself am most excited for the new Heroic Encounters. These are set up to be similar to World Bosses in other games, giving us a guild opportunity to form up 2 or 3 guild hunting parties to take down some of Neverwinters first raid themed content! I will be organizing a weekly run where we can coordinate a large amount of guild mates to be online at the same time.

Our guild bank was over flowing quite a bit recently, so Baron Bammer has stepped up to organize it. He has also started to raise funds with the overflow and invoking to buy our next bank tab. Please donate and check regularly to see if there is any gear upgrades for your toons.

Assets can not be put into the guild bank, however I have a few personal ones that players can borrow to make their dread weapons or Malabog Weapons:

Assets on Loan and epic weapons

Lord Tundrra

*NOR/LD: Realm Leader : Neverwinter

  • 2014/02/17 Bammer becomes Baron.
  • 2014/02/14 Phelaia is promoted from Baroness to Countess.
  • 2014/02/11 Rallis steps down from active officer.
NORnews 01/2014 issue 18

The Dwarf King has been defeated! Thanks to Baron Trayndil's intative we switched our alliance to Delzoun from Luskin and we are now able to regularly win at the Guantlegrym Event hours. This change allows us more chances at being successful in being able to some into the T2 dungeon "Dwarf Kings Crypt". It cost the Guild 750k AD to make this change so I would like to recognize Tyrandil, Phelaia, Hrothnor, Tornasunder, Nayla, Aglavalin and Tundrra for their large donations. A lot of extra grym coins drop from this dungeon as well as Tier 2 armor.

The guild bank tab that we had previously locked down due to the release of the refinement system is now unlocked. The current pool of armor and weapon shards are going to be rotated out by members that need them. Basically the goal is players will trade a unused shard for a needed one. It takes 32 shards to make a perfect weapon and armor enchantment so hopefully this new service will help our members achieve that goal. The most sought after shards like "Soulforged" will probably not make it in there but I'm sure there are players who may be collecting others of importance.

This past month in guild chat there were a couple length discussions on the best way of using Astral Diamonds and how to further your toons ongoing gear equipping. The over all theme was the importance of converting your AD to zen. So for new new players coming in and old that haven't done it yet check out this revamped new player guide I wrote up on the forums. The cost of free to play (new player guide).

Duke Tundrra

*NOR/DK: Branch Leader : Neverwinter


NORnews 12/2013 issue 17

The awaited Module 2 "Shadowmantle" launched last week bringing with it a lot of nice changes! No longer are your bags overflowing with countless runes and new artifact gear pieces of been added increasing everyone Gear Score.

With the new release we have had a great number of alts being leveled along with a new wave of recruits! Rallis and Phelaia have started weekly leveling groups on Thursday nights one starting at 8est and the other at 11est. These events are great ways to level an alt with guildmates and run some of the story mode dungeons!

Our epic dungeon groups have cleared their way through all of "Castle Malabog" this past week, continuing the guild progression through the hardest dungeons Cryptic throws our way. Shadwomantle has brought the guild's next big challenge, "Valindra's Tower" and we have Hrothnor (Ghyll) on the front lines mastering this new zone! Congrats to him for already clearing the zone, he has came away with lots of strategies for us to try.

With the influx of new level 60 players due to the recent double XP weekend we have added a additional dungeon delve group! Sign up on the forums to reserve your spot!

Duke Tundrra

*NOR/DK: Branch Leader : Neverwinter

  • 2013/12/17 Hrothnor becomes Baron
  • 2013/12/05 Module 2 Shadowmantle

October 2013 - Present: Dragon Shard

NORnews 11/2013 issue 16

Lots of big changes coming over the next few weeks and I want to cover how some of those will affect the guild. First off new content coming in Module 2 : Shadowmantle, new content always brings back a few players that have gone MiA, so welcome back!! You will find with Module 2 you can now roll up a new Hunter Ranger class and gearing your new toon with up to 3 new Artifacts with 1 activated ability. This Artifact change will help everyone raise their Gear Score and become a little bit stronger.

Our progression team entered Castle Never this past week with some amazing success! To give more players chances to see the endgame of Neverwinter we are bringing back the Dungeon SignUps and having the Runs organized twice a week, one starting early east coast friendly and one starting later being west coast friendly. These signups give members a chance to save their spot and plan for the adventure a head of time! Nightly groups will still be formed like they currently are for the lower tier Dungeons as players put them together.

Lower epic tier dungeons will have more benefits coming in Module 2. Now new items used in the new Refinement system will be found in all epic dungeons, increasing the need to form these guild groups regularly. Refining replaces the old fusing system that levels up the strength of your Runes, weapon and armor Shards and now the new Artifacts.

If your not ready for epic dungeons yet and you want to roll a new alt there is a new guild adventure hour forming when Module 2 launches. Officers Tyrandil and Phelaia are going to host this weekly questing night to level a new set of alts together. Details will be announced soon on the NORforums.

Our level 20 crafter list is growing so if you need some fancy items made or have a crafter that can make things for other guild members lets know.

For those interested in trying out Neverwinter as a second game or your main game but unsure of how much it would really cost check this article I wrote on it. Neverwinter is Free to Play, but everyone knows nothing is truly free...but it can be pretty darn cheap! I have created a quick guide of what you will need to be prepared to buy once you decide you're in for the long haul. Now for those that truly want to pay zero it can be done and every item I mention can be bought without money on the Auction House (AH) and other locations, but it will be either at a snail pace to get or require more grinding then should be necessary for the Astral Diamonds (AD). . . Full Article . . .

New Paragon Paths in Neverwinter

Duke Tundrra

*NOR/DK: Branch Leader : Neverwinter & The Old Republic

NORnews 10/2013 issue 15

Congratulations to the guild's newest Duchy, Neverwinter is no longer a provisional branch. Also we now have a full staff of Officers traveling along the sword coast of Neverwinter! Marquis Rallis and newly appointed Officers Phelaia and Tyrandil have joined myself and Baron Nimm to run the Neverwinter branch. A big thanks goes out to their hard work!

We have started making lots of progress in clearing the Epic Dungeons. Since we started tracking our guild runs, 7 unique epic dungeons this past month have been completed and we have several more to go:) This months neverwinter photo is of the slain Mad Dragon the Monday night crew defeated a couple weeks ago! Be sure to SignUp and login in time for one of the many nights of dungeon run events we schedule.

There is now only one server shard for neverwinter our beloved Beholder server is no more and we are now one with Dragon. What that means for us is we now have a bigger pool of players to recruit from! It also means there is a lot more competition to recruit quality players before other guilds get to them. So members and officers keep yours eyes out for notable players in your group that you think show qualities of NOR and strike up some dialog:)

Duke Tundrra

*NOR/DK: Branch Leader : Neverwinter & The Old Republic

  • 2013/09/26 Tyrandil becomes Baron.
  • 2013/09/26 Vashile steps down from active officer.
  • 2013/09/26 Phelaia becomes Baroness.
  • 2013/09/24 Rallis becomes Baron.
NORnews 09/2013 issue 14

We have developed a great regular player base with lots of familiar faces each night! Monday night Dungeon Delves have a very consistent group showing up every week!! We would love to see that type of attendance on some of the other weekly event nights, so we have revamped the Weekly Guild Event schedule! This new schedule takes into account when the Dungeon Delve Chest Hours occur, which gives players the guaranteed chest at the end when completing the zone. These events are at different times each day so be sure to check the Event Schedule to see which days and times work best for you!

If you are running a Dungeon run with your guildmates we would love to hear how it went! So head over to our progression thread and we can track the guilds accomplishments, these groups should consist of 4/5s NOR to be tracked!

I want to re-mention our guild alliance with Medieval, we both have been very proactive this past month at filling our missing dungeon spots with each others members. Join our custom co-chat channel "MedievalNOR" to find players and to be found:)

We have created a new public chat channel for helping us get players tagged. The previous "nor" channel is lacking admin privileges and will no longer be used. A new "NORpublic" chat as been created. Please join the new channel and help us greet new recruits as they show up looking for a guild tag, Thanks!

If you haven't yet please congratulate Baron Nimm for taking a Officer role in our Neverwinter branch. He has been very diligent at tagging new recruits and making sure the branch runs smoothly! I hope your all enjoying the new Fey of the Wild content update and we will keep you posted on the forums for the announcement of the next Module update as soon as we know!

Duke Tundrra

*NOR/DK: Branch Leader : Neverwinter & The Old Republic

  • 2013/08/22 Module 1 Fury of the Feywild.
  • 2013/08/16 Nimm becomes Baron.
NORnews 08/2013 issue 13

We have a great strong base of recruits and members that have joined us in Neverwinter and I thank you for your commitment! I'm sure many of you have noticed that we have very few active Officers currently in our Neverwinter Branch. Currently we have only Baron Vashile and myself, because of this our branch is growing at a very slow pace and many deserving recruits have not been promoted to full membership. Currently we get around 7 new recruits a week, however only 1 or 2 of those ever get tagged inGame, so we are in need of dedicated players that are interested in helping us keep a eye on tagging new recruits as they fill out applications and help us make decisions on where we want our branch to go. For those players who want to take on a more active Officer and help keep our branch growing please contact Duke Tundrra and more information can me discussed.

Our Monday night Dungeon Runs are seeing a great attendance of players signing up for the weekly event. However our Wednesday and Friday events are not having as much success, I created a post earlier this week on the importance of signing up for these events so if you haven't checked that out here is the post and here is the list of upcoming Events to sign up for.

To help us fill our Dungeon groups we have joined a Guild Alliance with "Medieval". This alliance will cut down our need to random PUG spots with a more constant group of players. Please join our new Guild alliance Chat channel: "MedievalNOR" it will take a short while for both guilds to get used to entering it, so you may at times want to use the inGame guild search function to send some PMs to their members that are online. They have posted a similar post to ours informing their members of the Alliance.

Duke Tundrra

*NOR/DK: Branch Leader : Neverwinter

NORnews 07/2013 issue 12

Our branch has really found its feet, we have now reached a point where we are getting some great Monday night attendance for running Dungeons. Wednesday runs are growing quickly, we haven't lost any new recruits in weeks and we have even had a few Squrings!

Squire Laria has been hosting Wednesday Night Dungeons so let's make his job easier and sign up to reserve your spot in the group here. If any additional members would like to help us schedule a 3rd night of GUILD dungeon runs let me know and I can help you get organized for it!

We have had a few random Guantlgrym groups this past month but we haven't been able to get a big organized guild group going. It seems Monday night these have been starting at 8pm est every week, so I'm going to start the meet up time a little earlier a couple times a month so we can get some guild groups going!

A big thank you goes out to Talolan for purchasing a 3rd bank tab and keeping the bank organized! It seems there is a issue where nonOfficers can not unsplit stacks of stones, so members are unable to take out items they need. Until we come up with a good work around I'm going to make it so Knight or higher will be able to do this, if you need a item ask one of them nicely:)

Duke Tundrra

*NOR/DK: Branch Leader : Neverwinter & swToR

  • 2013/07/01 Talolan steps down from Bank Guardian.
  • 2013/06/07 Gilenrod steps down from active officer.

June 20th – October 2013 Beholder Shard Neverwinter went live on June 20th and the branch really started to grow quickly. The recruiting remained strong with new recruits joining weekly and daily, the turnover in recruits had become nonexistent with so many now at level 60 and the weekly events had been expanded to 2 nights a week. With a buggy start the first large group endgame content Guantlgrym had been introduced. NOR chose the faction Luskan Corsairs. The timing of the Guantlgrym events had been tricky to coordinate however the NW:DMG scheduled weekly trips into the zone. The first Module, “Fury of the Feywild” launched Aug 22nd 2013 bringing new content to the game. By this time the branch had slowed down and leveled off in active members. The majority of visitors from other branches went back to their home games, however a few of the new members and existing NOR who had made Neverwinter their home emerged to become active officers. By the end of September there were 4 active Baron/ess and a Branch Leader. At this point having a full staff of Officers Tundrra brought to the High Council a request to move the branch from Provisional status to a full Duchy. After some discussion the High Council approved and voted on October 13th 2013.

NORnews 06/2013 issue 11

We go Live in 5 days! Our first major update and balance was downloaded a couple days ago on the 13th and the first content patch has been announced, "Gauntlgrym" & Module 1 "Fury of the Feywild", so there is a lot to look forward too. We are still getting waves of recruits each week, so everyone keep an eye on the NOR public chat so we can greet these players and get them tagged.

NORcastle : Castle Grounds

Some of you may have noticed our turn over has been unfortunately high with some of these new recruits due to us having few players at endgame level 60. Please hang in there we aren't going any where; we are just going through the growing pains of a new branch. Currently our player base is spread across levels 1-60 with the bulk of our active base in the late 40s, this does cause its own complications with grouping. Once the bulk of our player base is 60 we will have a more stable active group of dungeon Delvers, leveling is fast so it will not be to long.

We now have regular weekly dungeon delves scheduled for Mondays at 9est and I'm looking for interested members or recruits that would like to host additional nights of regular events. Here is the current event schedule where you can SignUp and reserve your spot!

Lord Lasarian, Marquis Talolan and Grandee Imaultis have been working hard in the Foundry. They have created heavily detailed maps of NORcastle along with the outer town and interior dungeons, sewers and more. These maps will be available for NORmembers to use and populate with your own guild themed dungeons. They are also working on some great stories for us to experience in the near future.

Duke Tundrra

*NOR/DK: Branch Leader : Neverwinter & swToR

NORnews 05/2013 issue 10

Welcome to NOR's newest provisional branch and wow it has been a busy 2 weeks! We just finished hosting our most successful Guild Unity Event yet, with 35 players attending! It was great seeing so many on of you online this past weekend! It is not too late to come visit either; we are still very active especially with our 17 new recruits!

A big thank you goes out to Baron Gilenrod and Baron Vashile who have been appointed to server as our Branch's active Officers. They are more then happy to answers your questions and address any of your concerns. For those visiting Officers thank you for your help this past week it has been quite the task getting everyone tagged and officer/member notes added.

To help keep our roster in game and out organized, as new recruits are being tagged please confirm they have filled out our online Application on the JOIN tab, this gets the new Recruit's Toon in our online roster, and it also confirms they understand the guilds standards and philosophy. Also for all members, in your member notes inGame could you add your NORname, Rank and whether you are visiting from another branch? Thank you that will help everyone keep track of who is who!

Several members have been working hard in the Foundry creating new dungeons for us to enjoy! To help us find all these new adventures a NORwiki page as been created to easily locate them. Be sure to show your support by trying them out and

discussing them on our forums. In the near future we will be hosting a Weekly Foundry night where we will try out various Foundry Dungeons! Starting in June Tundrra will begin hosting Weekly Monday night 9est Dungeon Delves. These will start at various low levels but eventually become a weekly level 60 Epic Dungeon night. If you want to host additional events please us our officers know so we can help you get it scheduled!


*NOR/DK: NW & swToR

  • 2013/05/17 Talolan becomes Bank Guardian.
  • 2013/05/06 Vashile becomes Baron.
  • 2013/04/27 Gilenrod becomes Baron with a previous Viscount rank.
  • 2013/04/13 Tundrra becomes the HC Realm Leader for Neverwinter
NORnews 04/2013 issue 09

April 30th will be the first day of Open Public Beta and the beginning of our provisional branches growth. There will be no more character wipes, so the progress you make now will continue when the game goes live, so think of this as a soft launch. I will be logging on with my early access on the 27th and will do my best to get the Guild created and be ready to start inviting existing NORmembers on the 30th!

There is supposed to be a very minimal number of servers and eventual they said there will have only one or two mega servers. I will pick the RP:PvE server and post it on the boards so everyone will know where to create their toons.

Even if you don't plan on playing the game it will be free, no purchase necessary because of that you may want to role up characters to reserve your name for future Guild Unity Events. FYI when you name your toons, the first and last name are choosen at the same time, just add spaces. For instance every toon I make can be named Tundrra if I give them different last names.



NORnews March 2013 issue 08

It's official NeverWinter is now a NOR Provisional branch as of the HighCouncil meeting on 3/3/13. Now we will have a running start come launch day! Interested officers get with me if you want to help with the new branch setup!

The NOR Alpha Group has had a few group runs with a couple real successes! We have 8 members participating, unfortunately we can not give any details yet:( However the 2nd closed beta weekend just finished up and there are now tons and tons of videos and articles about the lower levels of the game available.



NORnews Feb 2013 issue 07
One of the next big games coming out this year that has grabed the attention of NOR is the new Dungeons & Dragons NeverWinter set in the Forgotten Realms world along the Sword Coast that many of us have known for years. Closed Beta started this past weekend on the 8th-10th and closed Alpha has been going on for a while.

We are in the very early stages of wether we will have a provisional branch there, so we will be interested Officers that will want a active position in setting things up when the time comes. We have also started a list of members that plan on playing this game at launch, so be sure to add your name to that list!

To create a Guild tag inGame we will need 5 members in the same group, so if you get into Beta lets us know on the boards. There were only 2 servers to choose from for closed beta and the server "Dragon" was chosen.



March 2013 – June 19th 2013: Founding Looking for a supplement to SWTOR gaming something with a different genre feel Tundrra came across a video for D&D Neverwinter. At that point he knew which game would become the next NOR branch; he signed up for beta and began following their Facebook feed. Some weeks later there was an Alpha key give away that Tundrra won. After weeks of play they gave out additional friend keys, which were passed out to other New OutRiders, 8 in total. From there dungeon runs were scheduled and the High Council allowed a Provisional Branch to be set up on March 13th 2013. After Open Beta was announced for April 30th 2013, and as interest gained momentum members began to purchase Founder packs allowing them early access and inGame exclusive items. On April 27th at 9est 6 members (Tundrra, Gilenrod, Malkion, Skyleth, Nimmriggers, Lasarian) met to create the guild tag. From their preparations began to start the new branch and for the upcoming Guild Unity Event which was held only 10 days after launch May 10-12th.

In its provisional state Tundrra appointed Gilenrod to Baron, who had recently transferred from a SWTOR Baron position. Also to help with running the branch Vashile was promoted to Baron. From that point forward a flurry of activity and guild invites were sent out leading up to one of the most successful GLUE events to date with 35 players attending. The Guild Unity Event brought a lot of members to try out the new branch and several have stayed, recruiting has been strong, however with the guild’s player levels spread out from 1-60 it has been difficult putting together consistent dungeon guild runs. June 20th marks the day the game will be officially Live and out of Beta. Once the majority of the guild reaches lvl 60 we will see less turn over among the recruits and see a more active event calendar. Currently every Monday at 9est is our weekly Dungeon Delve guild run with sign ups on the NORforums.

Officer History

Branch Leaders

  • Duke Tundrra@tundrrabloom (03/13/2013) - (12/08/2014) (promoted to Realm Leader)
  • Duke Bammer@phineasj (12/08/2014)-(08/2015) (promoted to Realm Leader)
  • Count Kermit@jsf02 (09/27/2015) - (01/15/2016)


  • Phelaia@fbofh (02/14/2014) - (01/22/2016) (promoted to Duchess)
  • Tyrandil@Grey_Weasel (01/30/2016)- (11/25/2016)


  • Bammer@phineasj (02/17/2014) - (09/06/2014)
  • Nimm@Nimmriggers (08/16/2013) - (07/01/2014)
  • Phelaia (09/26/2013) - (02/14/2014) (promoted to Countess)
  • Rallis (09/24/2013) - (02/11/2014)
  • Gilenrod (04/27/2013) - (06/07/2013)
  • Vashile (05/06/2013) - (09/26/2013)
  • Kermit@jsf02 (08/21/2014) - (09/27/2015)
  • Tyrandil@Grey_Weasel (09/26/2013) - (01/30/2016) (promoted to Count)
  • JohnRain@tornomar (01/30/2016) - (08/09/2016)
  • Dlandru@chazandru (03/28/2016) - (11/25/2016) (promoted to Count)
  • Kermit@jsf02 (06/18/2016)-(11/25/2016) (promoted to Count and Branch Leader)
  • Nors@dmandperfect (12/08/2014)-(12/11/2016)
  • Destroyer@bellitrix (01/30/2016)-(10/22/2017)
  • JohnRain@tornomar (01/30/2016)-(08/09/2016) (02/01/2017)-(10/22/2017) (Promoted to Count)

Bank Guardian:

Neverwinter Foundry

Player created content is available in the Neverwinter Foundry.

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