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The New OutRiders (NOR) online gaming guild was formed in 1992 in the game The Shadow of Yserbius (TSoY) on what was The Sierra Network (TSN) and later came to be the ImagiNation Network (INN).

Over the last 20 years NOR has been on dozens of games and had hundreds of members from all over the world. A few have gone on to meet "in real life," married and had children who are now members themselves. 2012 year marked the birth of our very first '3rd Generation' member. For a bulleted view of the guild's history, check out the Timeline.

Guild Operations

New OutRiders was incorporated as a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization in 2012, which exists primarily for the benefit of its own members. It is presided over by Trustees, all of whom are members of the High Council. The non-profit accepts donations via PayPal and operates the New OutRiders Store.

NOR is governed by its High Council under the auspices of its new Charter.

High Council Meetings are conducted every Sunday at 9pm eastern on Discord.

Guild Communication

Many efforts have been made since 2011 to improve the communication between members of the New OutRiders, among them the New OutRiders Newsletter and New OutRiders Podcast started production in the latter half of 2012. While the podcast has since fallen into disuse, the Newsletter endures. The old website server host at was having issues so a new forum was created at Member VOIP used to be on Ventrillo, while High Council Meetings were held on mIRC. Both were moved to Teamspeak 3 in 2012, but most recently to Discord mid 2016.


A complete list of all Branches.

Current Active Branches

Guild History

Below is the oral history of the New OutRiders. Much has been lost to the ravages of memory and time, but through the efforts of a dedicated number of individuals we will construct a more complete history over time.

Chapter I: Founding NOR

It all started in The Shadow of Yserbius. The New OutRiders shared its earliest beginnings with a guild named The NoMads. However, conflict within the ranks resulted in a small group calling themselves the "OutRiders" striking off on their own. Of the founding members, Lady Messalina once recounted: "That guild somehow never quite came together." Later that same year a group of four friends, including the few that had left NoMands formed "The New OutRiders".

These were our founders and the first High Council: Lord Bromber, Lord Damien, Lady Elidriel and Lady Messalina.

Chapter II: Neverwinter Nights

With the blessing of the High Council, Duke Sarmaran founded the first Duchy in Neverwinter Nights. This would be NOR's first foray onto another game away from the support and resources of the home realm. With the help of his mentor, Lady Gwen, they began to rapidly increase the population of NOR in its new home on AOL.

Neverwinter Nights would be the last time all members of NOR called a single realm their home and were gathered in one place. After the fall of NeverWinter, the scattering that occured threatened to undermine the unity and cohesion NOR had enjoyed thus far.

Chapter III: Going Multi-Game

Up to this point, NOR had principally been a one-game guild. Technically, there were members on both TSoY and NWN simultaneously, but the writing was on the wall for TSoY and the members had gathered in ever-increasing numbers on NWN until Yserbius' eventual demise. Moreoever, the expectation was that once Yserbius collapsed, the guild would simply move its headquarters to NWN.

The Realm

The Realm is were NOR truly came into its own. Still the longest running realm at eleven years, NOR was easily among the dominant guilds of the entire game with memberships rolls numbering in the hundreds.

Chapter IV: EverQuest

Text about EverQuest

Chapter V: Dark Age of Camelot

Text about Dark Age of Camelot

Chapter VI: EverQuest 2

EverQuest 2 was to become the core of NOR for the next seven years, populated by the vast majority of its members and host to several High Council members. Although Warcraft would eventually come to rival EQ2 in size... members at the time are unlikely to soon forget Raid night on EQ2 when forty people were crammed into Ventrilo on the EQ2 Channel.

Chapter VII: World of Warcraft

Text about World of Warcraft

Chapter VIII: Resurgence

Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls Online

Chapter IX: 25th Anniversary

Text about the 25th Anniversary and the quest for the Guinness World Record.

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