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On August 8, 2012 articles of incorporation were filed with the Massachusetts Secretary of State creating a legal entity, New OutRiders, Inc., a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization.

This allowed the guild itself to enter into contracts and own property, in particular, to open a bank account and place the ownership of the domain, site hosting and other assets commonly used by the members in such a way as to preclude their future loss.

Over the twenty year history of the guild numerous websites, forums and other venues for member communication have been created, maintained and offered up for general use by individual members. Over time, those assets were lost or unavailable, when that individual member was no longer active or unable to continue maintaining the site. NOR has lost its forums on three separate occasions, each of which had become a huge repository of guild and membership information.

With the domain ownership, site hosting and other assets now in the name of the legal entity New OutRiders itself, and control of that entity spread among the High Council members, the likelihood of these assets once again becoming lost forever has been greatly diminished.

Lasarian has stated it is his objective to modify the "stock" bylaws of the non-profit to allow the admittance of non-voting members to the rolls of the legal entity and to raise a modest endowment, currently estimated at $2,500, which would generate enough revenue from investment in bonds to pay for the guild expenses forever.


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