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Tundrra of SWG
Name: Tundrra

Rank: Lord
Current Realm: Neverwinter
Office: Branch Leader of NW, High Council
Joined: 12/12/2003
Star Wars: Galaxies
Awards: "Writ of Welcome" 02/20/2005
"Award of Ambition" 04/17/2005
Officer of the Year 12/08/2013
Roster: Tundrra
Email: email Tundrra

Lord Tundrra High Council member is the current branch leader of Neverwinter, Editor of the NOR News monthly Newsletter. Ingame he traditionally plays a Healer class for his main toon, and a Tank for his secondary.

Star Wars Galaxies

  • Dec 2003-Fall 2004

Tundrra with one R first made his appearance in a console mmo called EverQuest Online Adventures. He spent many months playing along with his brother and friend Djarum. While living in Florida away from most of his friends from home he was out of the loop and unaware of their growing presence in a game called Star Wars: Galaxies (SWG).

Once he moved back to his home town in Indiana he was easily persuaded to switch over to SWG, where a large group of friends add joined a guild by the name New OutRiders. Baron Brambt son of LdyDomi was a close friend of his who had already been in the guild for a long time. Brambt and their circle of friends had been running around the galaxies for a few months, Rythar, Kevorkian, Ikklebacca, Hughman and several more he will have to look up later. After a couple weeks of exploring the game Brambt recruited him into the guild, December 12 2003 Forum Post .

It did not take long for Duke Lethos to start promoting Tundrra up the ranks after he was Squired on March 21st 2004. While running a small armor smith store in NORtopia, Tundrra became interested in the politics of the game. Entering and winning a city election he became the Mayor of NORtopia, which was the home of the famous Spugee's Cantina, a popular hang out. During that first year or so of traveling the galaxies the game had some developed some horrible game breaking updates. That is when Tundrra and his girlfriend Alcyone (who spent her evenings dancing and socializing in the cantinas) decided it was time to change over to the exciting new world of EverQuest 2. Having a lengthy previous experience with Norrath from playing EqOA, has was looking forward to exciting change.

Side note, Tundrra with 2 RR's came from playing a Wookie in SWG, everyone knows Wookies like to roll their Rs:)

EverQuest 2

  • Nov. 2004-Summer 2008

With the new EverQuest quickly approaching Tundrra took to the NOR boards to help gain interest link forumPost in the new game, he helped with the server selection of Mistmoore along with Kennae's vocal support for the server choice! Then on launch day November 8th 2004, Tundrra was the first NOR in game according to historical records forum post. Then he helped the officers create the NOR tag for what would become one of largest NOR branches they have ever had.

Like SWG it didn't take long for Tundrra to want to get into the meta-game, but with no city to run it was time to try a different sort of politics. So on Feb 20th 2005, he took up his first Guild Officer position of Herald and attended his first High Council meeting where he received the award “Writ of Welcome”. From that point on he took up the role of keeping track of active members and changes in new members, who was LoA, who was transferring here to there. It was not long after he was awarded the "Award of Ambition" and offered the duel role of Baron and Herald.

One of my favorite stories he likes to tell happened with is Long time friend Djarum and finance Alcyone who had become members of NOR. This story takes place east of Antonica in the mountain areas. They were in a group with some PuG players killing the local wildlife when one of the random group players asked us if we were from Indiana, then proceeded to ask if we were from Bloomington. At the time there were a plethora of servers with countless number of people playing the game, but some how we ran into a person we knew. Now as much of a coincidence it was both Djarum and Tundrra had their last name set as Bloomin(word) for example Tundrra’s at the time was Bloominheart and Djarum’s was Bloomingtune. It turned out the guy was friends of a mutual friend and new that several players from Bloomington were on the Mistmoore server, it did take several months for us to run into each but, It didn't take long for us to Recruit Zelldeb into the guild.

Tundrra continued to take on responsibilities in Eq2 becoming a Raid Master in the EQ2:DMG group in February 2006 after stepping down from being a active Baron. At that point he began leading many NOR adventurers to into the many dungeons to get their prismatic weapons, and organized the mass slayings of various famous Dragons. The raids continued on for many months as the expansions came out.

Eventually Tundrra married Alcyone in RL who shortly after quit the gaming scene and went back to school and gave birth to their daughter. He retired from the heavy data tracking of being a Herald in such a busy game in May 2007, taking a Count position instead. However even that required to much game time and retired shortly after from all officer responsibilities that October 2007. He continued to make appearances in game and on the boards during those early months of 2008 until he finally had to take time off to chase his energetic toddler.

Star Wars the Old Republic

  • Dec 2011-March 2014

After a couple of years being offline away from mmo games and playing a console game occasionally Tundrra had been itching to get back into an online community environment. Being a Star Wars fan boy in his youth he had been following Bioware's Old Republic closely. A lot of his friends and family were planning on making the change over to SWTOR however when servers went live most of them scattered amongst the larger server selection. Many went to PvP servers, others to non-RP servers, leaving Tundrra and Djarum to stick with the server NOR had chosen knowing the attention level of our friends. Those first few months he stayed out of any Officer roles, slowly getting back into the mmo worlds, he jumped around to the various different servers his family and friends were on. Eventually he managed to convince his siblings to start new characters on Rubat Crystal and join NOR. However it was not long after that they loss interest in the game and started playing others.

Once he reached the level cap of 50 Tundrra was ready for exploring the Endgame. So he started the weekly endgame events (2/12/12). These were some of the toughest Hard Mode Flashpoints at the time, taking hours to complete some times, if they could even complete them. With low gear and limited knowledge of the zones the early days were some of the most satisfying victories and frustrating losses. He started to seek out a few Raid spots as a PuG player to get an idea of the raid endgame (5/30/12) and decided it was time to update NORs FlashPoint group to Operation Groups. It was a slow start, with low attendance, bad PuG experiences game glitches, but eventually it turned into a very successful SWTOR:DMG.

Tundrra was offered a (4/1/12) Baron position now that he had become more active and focused on the one server and the guild events. Eventually some new game mechanics/features were announced mainly the creation of guild banks. As a newly active Baron he started inquiring to Realm Leader Roxanne about where the Branch Leader Lasarian had gone who was needed to create the guild bank (4/12/12). As the next couple months went by Roxanne held a Teamspeak 3 meetings with the Officers and offered a Count position shortly after (5/29/12). Three days later at the branch meeting on Coruscant Tundrra was ambushed with the Branch Leader title! The rest for now is Star Wars: The Old Republic history.


March 2013 - present

Looking for a supplement to SWTOR, something with a different genre feel he could switch back and forth with, Tundrra began to look for a 2nd game. He wanted something with a D&D feel but couldn't get into DDO he tried DC Universe Online but was always a Marvel fan at heart. He was thinking about possibly renewing his old EQ2 account when he came across a video for D&D Neverwinter. At that point he knew which game was for him; he signed up for beta and began following their Facebook feed. Some weeks later there was an Alpha key give away that Tundrra won. After weeks of play they gave out additional friend keys, which were passed out to Guildies. From there dungeon runs were scheduled and the High Council allowed a Provisional Branch to be set up. The rest for now will be in the Neverwinter history.



Offices Held

Offices Held
Preceded by Office Succeeded by
none Lord, High Council
04/06/2014 - current
none Branch Leader, Neverwinter
3/13/2013 - current
Lasarian Branch Leader, SWTOR
5/29/2012 - 12/8/2013
none Duke, SWTOR
07/29/2012 - current
none Count, SWTOR
05/29/2012 - 7/29/2012
unknown Baron, SWTOR
04/01/2012 - 05/29/2012
unknown Herald, EQ2
Feb 20th 2005 - May 2nd 2007
unknown Count, EQ2
May 2nd 2007 - Oct 2nd 2007
None Baron, EQ2
May 15th 2005 - Jan 14th 2006

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