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Lord Lasarian Kinnuen
Lasarian (IRL)

Lasarian's real name is James. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Stelmarii and two daughters, known to the guild as Echosong and Eithne.


A member of *NOR/ since 1995, Lasarian was recruited on TSoY by Taggarty and active in the guild until 1998 when he was forced to take an extended LoA for family reasons. That turned into a seven year absence until rejoining *NOR/ on World of Warcraft in 2005 and has been active (for the most part) since that time.

  • 1997 - 1998 Duke of Empiriana Branch;
  • 1998 - 2005 LoA;
  • 2006, January Recruiting Officer WoW
  • 2006, July Branch Leader WoW
    • Took the Branch that was in effect dead and brought it back to 130 members;
    • Regular 10-man raid, Karazhan;
      • Two 10-man teams active simultaneously;
    • Regular 25-man raid, Grull's Lair with <Bandits Reborn> and <Golden Tigers>;
    • Regular Heroic Dungeons;
    • Regular raid, Lich King;
      • Two 10-man teams active simultaneously;
  • 2008, Promoted to Lord;
  • defacto HC Herald;
  • Realm Lord, RIFT;
  • Instigated and oversaw transition from Ventrillo for VOIP to Teamspeak 3;
  • Transition from mIRC for HC Meetings to Teamspeak 3;
  • Set up and maintenance of the Teamspeak 3 server;
  • Set up and maintenance of the hosting site for;
  • Designed and created the website currently hosted at; which includes:
    • Facebook and Twitter social media pages and feeds back to the website;
    • Designed and programmed the Online Application;
    • Designed and programmed the Online Roster;
    • Wrote and edited "Is NOR for You?" recruiting video;
    • Created and arranged for guild loot on the website store page;
    • This wiki;
  • Configuration and management of the forums hosted at,including customized color scheme, layout, features, user groups, custom ranks and user profile fields;
  • Filed articles of organization making New OutRiders a non-profit legal entity;
  • Set up PayPal account under the name of the New OutRiders;
  • Set up bank account under the name of the New OutRiders;
  • Redesigned the guild "logo";
  • Designed and created images representing the ranks of the guild;
  • Designed and created images for the Awards granted by the guild its members as well as adding newly created awards to those already given;
  • Designed and created images to represent each of the games NOR has been present on;
  • Designed and created individual *NOR/ member tarot-cards (incomplete);
  • Began initial steps to challenge the world record for "Longest Running Online Gaming Guild" with Guinness.
  • Principal author of the revised Charter;
  • Contributing author to the monthly Newsletter (Tundrra's gig);
  • Regular participant and so-called co-host of the guild Podcast (but really that is all Talo);

So there ;-p