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Does NOR even need a wiki?

For the guild alone, probably not - but I did want to memorialize the game Shadow of Yserbius and this seemed as good a venue as any.

Yes, I think the amount of content we've added proves definitively that NOR needed a wiki. I think the Dark Age of Camelot page for the former branch is a good example.--Talo
I think I wrote that the first day I put the wiki up, again, having no idea anyone would be interested.--Lasarian (talk) 15:06, 10 April 2013 (CDT)

Oh, sure!

I write all of this self-serving bullshit on my User Page thinking NO ONE will ever look at this wiki except me and then ...

Now I gotta change it all.


Now i am just bored.

It's good to have you back!

I have missed your wiki updates immensely! -tun